Kissing Drew (2013)

Kissing Drew (2013)

Director Philip J. Connell

Writer Philip J. Connell, Genevieve Scott

Genre Short, Drama

Year 2013

Actors Chris Handfield, Ben Hargreaves, Jessica Ryan, Eden Ocean Sanders

IMDB : 5.2 (97 votes)


Description Inside a drab middle school in 1992, a sexually-confused eighth-grader attempts to regain his dignity after being bullied by a sex-obsessed 'cool kid' whom he privately fantasizes about.


  • apples 2016-09-11 18:20:23
    This movie made me cringe so hard and it sucks
  • john sword 2016-09-11 11:23:18
    Actually I really kinda like this movie. It makes me feel somewhat happy no matter how many times they play it on HBO. I hope movies like this will never go away. Have a great day everyone!:)
  • champagnemamii 09 2016-08-24 08:43:44
    i really love this movie and it even makes me feel like going to africa lol its so beautiful
  • Emptyglassofwhiskey 2016-08-21 15:40:35
    Adam is actually poor irl
  • Amanda Romero 2016-08-17 17:29:29
    This movie is hilarious!
  • Hani __rt 2016-08-12 22:23:52
    This movie is Great until now I watched
  • Sagar Giri 2016-08-11 13:12:36
    I love this movie.
  • Chloe Duggan 2016-08-09 07:05:10
    its the best film ever I tell you should watch it
  • Forr3ster 2016-08-06 23:24:54
    An actual great Adam sander film
  • Cindy D. 2016-08-06 12:36:12
    love how they say Africa like its a country or a city :) (:
  • peridot for life 2016-08-06 04:07:42
    we're out of gas start running fast ( raaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)
  • Jason Arandia 2016-07-20 05:19:07
    1:51 Drew is so adorable .. :") Romantic Comedy King and queen
  • Gheovanna Rinaldi 2016-07-13 01:35:41
    cm é o nome desse filme gntt?
  • Robertha Gordon 2016-07-09 20:24:44
    I love this movie
  • Royehl Albarracin 2016-07-07 16:45:24
    This is cute
  • Leo Craveiro 2016-07-02 00:00:08
    Just found out about this movie, must watch it
  • Evan Singh 2016-06-24 00:00:08
    I thought this movie was gonna be ass, but it was actually pretty lit styll
  • giorgia curvoni 2016-06-22 19:31:12
    Bel film
  • Millie Mops 2016-06-12 09:29:20
    I love this film so much
  • one lonely Dude 2016-06-06 17:32:56
    ...but why?!

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