Kiss Me, Guido (1997)

Kiss Me, Guido (1997)

Director Tony Vitale

Writer Tony Vitale

Genre Comedy

Year 1997

Actors Nick Scotti, Anthony Barrile, Anthony DeSando, Craig Chester

IMDB : 6.1 (1,819 votes)


Description Warren has an extra room in his apartment (and is five months behind on the rent) after his lover moves out, so a friend places an ad on his behalf for a GWM roommate. Frankie, a pizza baker (and aspiring actor), decides to move out of his family's flat in The Bronx when he comes home one evening and walks in on his brother making love to Frankie's girlfriend. Frankie checks ads for roommates in "the city" (i.e., Manhattan), notices Warren's ad and decides to answer it, reasoning that GWM stands for "Guy With Money."


  • Navajo Auckland 2017-03-15 01:35:25
    love this Xo thanks for uploading
  • Lauren Nicolosi 2017-03-08 08:13:06
    I love this movie: )
  • John Sinclair 2016-08-26 06:28:24
    Tail-end of movie shows copyright as MCMXVII (1917) should be MCMXCVII (1997)
  • happymemories 2016-07-31 22:48:01
    that's what my qvc diamonique cubic zirconia looked like in 1995 $25 credit card. My ex never paid for it
  • happymemories 2016-07-31 22:44:19
    Guy Wit Money
  • happymemories 2016-07-31 22:42:52
  • Joe Masters 2016-06-12 14:06:50
    This movie totally makes fun of NYers XD
  • Hair Disc 2016-06-06 03:00:36
    Although it is a time piece movie which can be taste specific, it is a Very fun movie! I recently saw an episode of Law & Order and there was Molly Price.
  • N.E. Garrett 2016-05-29 01:35:09
    Really good movie....some hilarious scenes!
  • John S 2016-02-01 19:43:04
    Molly Price is so funny and just a great Actor..
  • Frodo Sings 2016-01-19 09:46:51
    I wish it has a sequel. Would love to see how frankie goes on with his acting career.
  • Michael Ciancaglini 2016-01-11 01:43:28
    Thanks for the English version of this fun film. Props to a very good cast, and yes, Nick Sciotti is so easy on the eyes.
  • Emily James 2015-10-23 11:55:48
    Even without the audio, looking at Nick Scotti is too much to handle
  • Michelle Jimenez 2015-09-15 21:58:38
    The audio
  • Michelle Jimenez 2015-09-15 21:58:29
    Its been years since I watched it please put the audii
  • Michelle Jimenez 2015-09-15 21:57:54
    Can u please put the audio I haven't seened this movie for years I've been looking all over for this there's no sound

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