Keiko (1979)


Director Claude Gagnon

Writer Claude Gagnon

Year 1979

Actors Junko Wakashiba, Akiko Kitamura, Takuma Ikéuchi, Toshio Hashimoto

IMDB : 6.6 (34 votes)


Description Keiko is a 23-year-old lonely virgin who lives in a tiny room, and hopes to meet someone in the cafe she frequents. After a bad affair with one of the other diners, she vows to give up men. She then begins a happy lesbian relationship with her co-worker Kazuyo. However she is under constant pressure from her father to marry.


  • Robert 0077 2016-12-04 17:44:26
    Did Colin really swim on Keiko back in the middle of 100 orcas? If so why hasn't that been mentioned in the book or filmed because if I had been there I would have filmed that.
  • Frida Nyberg 2015-10-18 19:10:51
    Does it include the untold part of him being deprived, starved, and the agenda of "release at all costs", slowly killed him?
  • Valérie Beauchamp 2015-01-26 01:04:04
    Quelqu'un aurait un lien pour le documentaire complet je ne le trouve nul part. Merci
  • Elizabeth Lee 2014-09-26 14:50:10
    It's sad what happened to Keiko. I can get where everyone is coming from when they say captivity is wrong but releasing these animals back into the wild is a poor way of handling a situation. He died because he was unable to adjust back to the wild. Before he died there were news reports of him allowing kids to ride on his back. The poor animal was searching for human interaction, because that is what he knew. I feel like we need to help Seaworld and other parks and zoos create better habitats for the animals in their care, that way they can spread their message about helping protect our natural world and inspiring other people who may never get the chance to see these animals, and the animals also the animals in their care have increasingly better qualities of life.
  • TheChoujinVirus 2013-12-25 23:25:11
    So...the Keiko foundation's still trying to damage control this accident?
  • Ann Flowers 2013-10-31 18:25:05
    Never mind. I just found out on my facebook, you can rent Keiko untold story on Vimeo. Thanks.
  • Ann Flowers 2013-10-31 06:49:54
    I wanted to know if you plan to make the movie available on Youtube or on Amazon Instant Video. I know you can watch The Cove on Youtube now for $2. See this link
  • Zellania Moon 2013-09-23 12:29:33
    love Free Willy, kept track of his life,was in captivitay for a long time before beingset free. Ppl prepared him for the wild,let him out once he was ready.Everyday ppl kept in contact with keiko to make sure he was alright then finally saw him starting to communicate with other pods and whales, would spend most of the time away from his human companions.Keiko never died on a beach -_- it was said that the probable cause of death was pneumonia.
  • 1979mattant 2013-09-21 23:56:54
    I will watch this but I think it's wrong to say He lived a happy life when he was set free, He never found his pod and was pushed away from any other whale he came in contact with in the wild, It's a fact he never had a happy life, tortured in captivity and shunned when he was finally set free, Tilikum would have suffered the same fate if he had ever got the chance, I hate seaworld and want an end to all this cruelty!!
  • cindy dumas 2013-08-25 18:11:25
    Theresa, I received the movie on Friday. I watched it and loved it....made me cry, but it did show how Keiko had the freedom to roam but, was not turned lose to fend for himself. He was shown little by little what to do and was free to do as he wished after a lengthy introduction. Those who have criticized did not see how this unfolded and the movie will show you that - please purchase it.Keiko died a happy whale...returned to his home waters for five years... able to know that feeling again~
  • cindy dumas 2013-07-31 21:32:45
    I just purchased the film.....I heard mistaken news that it would not be released. I met Keiko in Newport, OR and will never forget that meeting. I'm so glad to see this film is being released soon on Aug. 17th. Right on the heels of Blackfish. :)
  • Anna Pelzer 2013-06-17 19:51:20
    I think you dont undestand... but ok. im greek... we loved this animals 2000 years agoo...all the ceteans in the ocean. and mutch years befor.... keiko has died in hes home...and this is more mportand to me. will you live in a jail for lifetime? i dont think so. We should leave this animals alone. we dont need fur or entertaiment like sea world. this world will be mutch better, when we learn to respect other lifes....
  • Anna Pelzer 2013-06-17 19:47:32
    RIP Keiko.... you have died in the ocean... better then in every small tank in this world.. always in my heart.
  • OrcaGlam 2013-05-02 19:25:42
    I want to see this movie! Can I use some of the footage from this trailer? I will credit you and the movie :)
  • Theresa Demarest 2013-03-19 22:16:14
    go to the film's website and Facebook page. there you will find out what is going on with the film
  • HassleCat 2013-03-11 17:44:53
    The smart thing to do would have been to give Keiko free access to humans, since he obviously related better to them than to other Orcas. Some people believe he was pushed into the wild at too quick a pace. Allowing him to hang around people and socialize would not have been "wrong." I believe he never was accepted into a pod, which was to be expected, so he needed a social environment only humans could provide.
  • Lobos222 2012-12-24 01:04:04
    As a Norweigan who supports whaling and a natural balance between resources of the sea. I think releasing Keiko was a huge blunder. Keiko was in national news often during hes stay and it was pretty clear the whale had "whale social" issues and was not able to disconnect himself from human contact. A huge irony that the final care takers for the whale was a whaling nation. Releasing Keiko into the wild was as smart as releasing a family dog into the wild. It borderlines animal cruelty.
  • Theresa Demarest 2012-10-20 15:18:15
    See the Filmmaker statement see at the Film's website
  • pepperxx 2012-10-19 17:45:25
    May I know where can I get this dvd? i read on official site that it has stopped production and be released in theatres. but i doubt I could watch it on screens in Singapore. hopefully. anyway, in any case there is the sale of the dvd again, would the money goes to any Orca projects? i hope to donate by this way too.
  • TheAkwiz 2012-08-07 00:03:01
    If you know orcas can live to be 60+ years but still support them in captivity, you have some seriously conflicting and hypocritical beliefs. If you think Keiko died middle aged because he was released to the ocean... what about the 100 or so orcas that have died as teenager in captivity? If you think releasing Keiko caused an early demise what do you have to say about all the young whales that have been dying in captivity for 50 years? These animals deserve better than to rot in a tank for you.

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