JFK (1991)

JFK (1991)

Director Oliver Stone

Writer Oliver Stone (screenplay), Zachary Sklar (screenplay), Jim Garrison (book), Jim Marrs (book)

Genre Drama, History, Thriller

Year 1991

Actors Sally Kirkland, Anthony Ramirez, Ray LePere, Steve Reed

IMDB : 8.0 (116,561 votes)


Description On November 22, 1963, president John F. Kennedy is assassinated in Dallas. Lee Harvey Oswald is arrested for the crime and subsequently shot by Jack Ruby, supposedly avenging the president's death. An investigation concludes that Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby acted alone in their respective crimes, but Louisiana district attorney Jim Garrison is skeptical. Assembling a trusted group of people, Garrison conducts his own investigation, bringing about backlash from powerful government and political figures.


  • Falsetymology 2016-01-24 11:39:39
    I don/t like Oliver's tone.
  • venger 2015-08-20 18:57:59
    Back and to the left.
  • Skoshtwo 2015-08-11 18:14:09
    Do yourself a favor and watch it. And pay for Christ's sake.
  • robertmasterchannel 2015-07-06 18:16:54
    John F. Kennedy was killed for his ideas. He don t want war with USSR, in october 1963 tried to stop american implication in Vietnam conflict, his brother investigated many gangsters, in Cuba assault refuse to sent air troops for the support of anticastro groups and in 1961, his speech deconspirated coruption of cia, fbi and other strong services and organizations. The american dream and the democracy ideal died in Dallas. His assasin or assasins remain unknown, the involvment of Oswald is questionable.
  • AJ Ward 2015-03-06 22:52:16
    Spoiler Alert: JFK dies
  • Cara Delevingne 2014-05-14 16:06:08
    Been killed

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