In the Closet (2008)

In the Closet (2008)

Director Jody Wheeler

Writer Jody Wheeler

Genre Short, Horror

Year 2008

Actors J.T. Tepnapa, Sean Paul Lockhart

IMDB : 4.8 (153 votes)


Description On a night almost like any other, a shy, awkward young man has his first ever sexual encounter with an older, experienced, but a bit jaded, trick. Unlike other nights, unlike other dark and...


  • Indomar Salazar 2014-03-05 00:56:01
    paul walker rip
  • Victoria C. 2014-03-04 19:36:47
    What is she doing w/ her hair? :DD 0:40
  • Nick Brisco 2013-12-15 07:18:18
    RIP Kevin Peter Hall
  • stiliqn007 2013-12-14 20:14:38
    the blonde reporter from the beginning of the movie reminds me by voice of Rosco from dukes of hazzard....what are the chances?
  • Nice 2013-12-03 18:28:53
    R.I.P Huge Actor Just Died  We Will Miss You<33
  • Dulcimerist 2013-12-01 22:32:59
    RIP Paul Walker.  Best movie ever!
  • Denyss Denis 2013-12-01 09:18:55
    R.I.P Paul Walker..a huge actor die..:( :( :(
  • Lavinia Leme 2013-12-01 08:40:46
    R.I.P Paul Walker
  • Fahreza Okasahisnu 2013-12-01 06:08:36
    Goodbye paul walker :D R.I.P Paul walker..
  • syafiqjabar 2013-12-01 03:50:54
    And so we say our goodbye to Paul Walker, defeater of the Monster In The Closet.
  • goblins trollswitches 2013-10-31 18:12:19
    charylene is that you? wow, remember we fucked in trailer 4 back in 86 when they were filming?
  • SkiptyDooSir 2013-10-23 06:09:17
    The most thumbs downed comment ever couldn't even stop it
  • Fim de Slide 2013-10-08 18:13:30
    the most highly developed nuclear flower pot could not stop it
  • Arild1990 2013-09-13 10:40:18
    hahahahaha dying of laughter!
  • cody bimbo 2013-08-19 10:57:52
    lol xd even paul walker could not stop it
  • Matt R 2013-08-12 11:06:06
    did you make any money doing it? and thats awesome!
  • Shaun Horton 2013-08-12 08:42:02
    1:09 Zip!
  • enzomann84 2013-08-06 13:55:41
    We ain't talkin about no snake here tittypong
  • MOVIEmania709 2013-04-28 05:55:41
    Nor the nuclear flower pot.
  • MOVIEmania709 2013-04-28 05:54:10
    My first Troma film and I love it. Lloyd Kaufman you in my eyes are a king of independent filmmaking and deserve a thrown along side Spielberg, Jackson, Lucas, Browning, Henenlotter, Lugosi, Chaney Sr, Chaney Jr, I. Gordon, Corman, Karloff, Baker, Winston, Landis, O'Brien, Cohen, Carpenter, Romero, Dante, Price, Fulci, Argento, Agar, Charles Band, Richard Band, Jeffrey Combs, Stuart Gordon, Carradine, Raimi, Campbell, Galligan, Williams, Stephen King, Craven, & Hooper.

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