I Want Your Love (2010)

I Want Your Love (2010)

Director Travis Mathews

Writer Travis Mathews

Genre Short, Romance

Year 2010

Actors Jesse Metzger, Brenden Gregory

IMDB : 6.2 (419 votes)


Description Two best friends playfully negotiate their way toward having sex together for the first time. It's a familiar scenario that most gay men can relate to, and one not as uncomplicated as these two friends would prefer.


  • Laurenze Andhrew Alviz 2015-11-20 08:51:25
  • Escha Faatur 2015-01-02 13:58:08
    I saw this movie once... and its NOT GOOD at all!!!
  • Zachary-Taylor Wright 2014-05-05 11:23:09
    Would someone PLEASE figure out what song starts around :40? I've been googling the lyrics for the longest time.
  • Martindelcarpiomusic 2014-03-06 21:39:36
    cool film.
  • jessabellababy 2014-01-26 10:06:45
    the premise of this movie is great, and I understand wanting "take back" gay sex and I'm all for showing gay sex in movies, HOWEVER the sex scenes in this were beyond graphic and didn't really add anything to movie, the whole movie could have been done with less graphic sex scenes and still told the same story...the sex doesn't enhance the story at all. 
  • Todopormi 2013-12-22 04:33:32
    Wow, how very lovely and apropos that the completely self absorbed come out with their ratings on this movie. To portray real life it would seem to me that characters should try and be real as well. So by the reviews I've read gay men should be pumped up Tina freaks who just happened to be passed up by the last A & F shoot. While I know(hope) that these ignorami represent a (small) portion of gay men. I can also take solace in the fact that they most likely don't represent the educated either. Y, de verdad? Hablando de comemierda y cubierto en tatuajes ? Falta de auto estima , much?
  • neurochunk 2013-11-27 23:41:40
    71min minus the sexscenes, opening and closing titles, leaves about 40min, not what I would call a movie. Looks like the writer/director had very little inspiration.
  • Rob Williams 2013-10-26 14:30:31
    la pelicula parece mas come mierda y caga vida
  • Taylor 2013-10-26 06:16:02
    This was an awful movie. Yes I agree with Rob Williams...this was a very unnattractive cast.
  • alexweek rivera 2013-10-26 02:54:21
    come vida y caga mierda
  • Rob Williams 2013-10-23 10:49:48
    The film disappointed me. I'm all for gratutitous sex, nudity, and porn in films, but not when most men involved are unpleasantly unattractive and look like they need a good scrubbing down with soap and water (the protagonist is one of the worst). "Alternative" gays might think this film is cool, because it represents their look and their lexicon, but an Emo look does not a unique and interesting individual make.
  • Zycho 2013-10-22 22:49:25
    Saw it. Thought it was pretty GAAAAYYYYYY
  • Federico Ferrari 2013-06-28 11:27:55
    Onondaga → Holes In The Soles
  • allatar15 2013-06-09 20:30:27
    Maybe one of the worse movies i ever saw. Nothing is really happening in this movie.
  • Robert Carte 2013-05-22 01:02:48
    Can someone please tell me the name and artist of the song playing at 0:44? I love it.

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