I Love You Phillip Morris (2009)

I Love You Phillip Morris (2009)

Director Glenn Ficarra, John Requa

Writer John Requa, Glenn Ficarra, Steve McVicker (book)

Genre Biography, Comedy, Crime

Year 2009

Actors Jim Carrey, Ewan McGregor, Leslie Mann, Rodrigo Santoro

IMDB : 6.6 (79,036 votes)


Description Steven Russell is happily married to Debbie, and a member of the local police force when a car accident provokes a dramatic reassessment of his life. Steven becomes open about his homosexuality and decides to live life to the fullest - even if it means breaking the law. Steven's new, extravagant lifestyle involves cons and fraud and, eventually, a stay in the State Penitentiary where he meets sensitive, soft-spoken Phillip Morris. His devotion to freeing Phillip from jail and building the perfect life together prompts Steven to attempt and often succeed at one impossible con after another.


  • Tom Christ 2016-02-28 06:45:46
    greatest film ever! (@[email protected])
  • Paul Forshtay 2016-02-10 19:57:57
    It wasn't a bad flick. You homophobes need to stop. Hatred is a wasted emotion, and perhaps you'll learn that someday too late- on your deathbed- wondering why you'd ever spent so much time dedicating yourself toward feeling something so ugly. I don't agree with homosexuality, but they're human-beings and what they do isn't up to me or anyone else. I'm a straight, Christian male... An alcoholic... Just as sinful as the next man. If you believe homosexuality is a sin, then cast a stone if you don't sin yourself. Otherwise, learn to love like Jesus. Didn't mean to get so serious- just wanted to say, it's a great flick. I'm an avid movie-goer and greatly appreciate film- and this one was pretty great.
  • Bulea ion 2016-01-28 23:20:00
    God ...This movie is so .. GAY! Discusting!
  • GatsuKS 2016-01-23 10:27:50
    Discusting. I lost my respect for Jim after this propaganda bullshit.
  • Fluffy Duck 2015-12-29 09:52:28
  • Nasser nasser 2015-11-30 21:36:32
    Love wins .. Homosexuality loses
  • sulosky 2015-11-19 07:36:25
    But... you guys do understand that those men are gays?!
  • Jazzy Goddess 2015-11-09 01:04:32
    Yay for gay :D
  • Diogo 2015-10-26 19:11:36
    toda vez que eu vejo esse filme, eu me divirto e me emociono! !!
  • TheSRBgamer63 2015-08-03 17:44:33
    FUcking gays,cant believe two good actors like them,accepted role of pathetic gays in this movie,
  • Bigfan TJstar 2015-07-30 17:57:51
    Best movie ever !
  • Bigfan TJstar 2015-07-30 17:56:40
    When I watched this movie, I realized that gay is so good though I'm a girl at the age of 14. I'm proud of it .
  • Rainy Jane 2015-05-27 06:44:18
    This was a truly romantic movie, and usually I can't stand romantic films; this one didn't feel cheesy or trite, it was genuinely good. I'd especially recommend it to m/m fans, because I felt they really got the romance right in this.
  • Hazel ! 2015-05-22 04:22:37
    Please be on netflix.
  • Abigael Faith Chavez 2015-05-03 07:33:04
    This movie is so fun and so gay to watch...and it's based on a true story! really, Steven Russell did escape from prison FOUR FUCKING TIMES...he just kept getting caught again and now he's serving 144 years in 23 hour a day lockdown...virtually solitary confinement..and everything he does is supervised because the authorities are so afraid he'd manage to escape again...
  • Echoes Hearts 2015-04-19 05:44:31
    i will never forget that Obi Wan Kenobi made out with my favorite actor.
  • Stephen Landers 2015-01-17 04:12:11
    Just made me cry so mich when i reached to the climax... ah, why does the story have to be so good? :'(
  • Luis Meloni 2014-12-27 13:01:55
    I never go to Movies because they all sucks... But this, is a great movie...loved it!!!! Great acting....
  • aldo2k6 2014-12-24 07:25:29
    when i first walked in to this movie i honestly didn't expect to see ace ventura shagging the arse off obi wan kenobi
  • David Adams 2014-11-25 01:14:29
    I love you Marlboro Red ;)

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