I Do (2012)

I Do (2012)

Director Glenn Gaylord

Writer David W. Ross

Genre Drama, Romance

Year 2012

Actors Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Alicia Witt, Maurice Compte, David W. Ross

IMDB : 6.5 (923 votes)


Description A gay Brit living in New York is deprived of his immigration status, and risks losing his family and life in the U.S. He marries his lesbian best friend to remain in the country and stay ...


  • samsa deniz 2013-06-02 14:30:37
    11 million+ ILLEGAL ALIENS in the USA and you make a movie like this!! Fucking Star Trek movie is more credible than this. crap storyline but I LIKE ALICIA WITT :)
  • cklambo 2013-05-26 22:17:59
    I would go straight for Jamie-Lynn Sigler & Alicia Witt
  • Micho Teh 2013-05-26 16:57:02
    seems pretty interesting, just that the last song was so gay
  • Chris Alejandro 2013-05-25 15:06:28
    I love the Fake marrige part!
  • LexiRJayden 2013-05-25 00:49:24
    I like the story!

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