Howl (2010)

Howl (2010)

Director Rob Epstein, Jeffrey Friedman

Writer Rob Epstein (written for the screen by), Jeffrey Friedman (written for the screen by)

Genre Biography, Drama, Romance

Year 2010

Actors James Franco, Todd Rotondi, Jon Prescott, Aaron Tveit

IMDB : 6.8 (11,026 votes)


Description It's San Francisco in 1957, and an American masterpiece is put on trial. Howl, the film, recounts this dark moment using three interwoven threads: the tumultuous life events that led a young Allen Ginsberg to find his true voice as an artist, society's reaction (the obscenity trial), and animation that echoes the poem's surreal style. All three coalesce in hybrid that dramatizes the birth of a counterculture.


  • thirdstrike4 2017-01-19 21:47:13
    horrible movie. smh
  • Jades fan university 2016-12-20 01:01:29
    Originally came for Aaron Tveit, staying because this looks like a fantastic movie
  • Mori Darkmoss 2016-11-10 19:41:06
    One of my favorite poems. This looks... interesting
  • thewaywardpoet 2016-10-01 07:19:44
    I love the fact that Jon Hamm is in this. :) An excellent film with an excellent cast!
  • Ritwik Chakraborty 2016-09-01 19:42:21
    the poem is wrongly read..the lines are supposed to be in one single breath
  • JohnBelz 2016-04-27 22:18:06
    Allen Ginsberg never looked this good!
  • Minus One 2016-03-18 06:20:42
    A very interpretational movie, you can only expect sensitive comments from people who had imagination while watching this ... Can someone please tell which is the jazz song from 0:59 to 1:23 in this trailer?
  • Basil the Porphyrogenitus 2015-12-24 04:00:20
    bunch of wealthy, liberal actors lecturing everyone else. how about we dont turn the beats into saints for the multicultural dystopia but instead be who and what they were
  • Matthew McGlennen 2015-11-24 04:44:10
  • tall32guy 2012-01-22 20:16:52
    Franco is CUTE with that beard and those glasses! mmm! hehe
  • Danielle Notaro 2011-02-23 19:16:30
    Come listen to my poem- Medicine Bundle
  • Widianto Arbita 2011-01-17 13:56:05
    what the heck was that, I still don't get it... eternal whore??!? what the?
  • Jet Teng Productions (OLD CHANNEL) 2010-12-13 04:20:17
    I knew Don Draper was into poems. I knew it!
  • n8five 2010-07-23 08:56:55
    man, that james franco is bad ass. he just keeps gettin better and better man!! this flick looks killer!!!! been a fan since freeks and geeks. tell me someone cooler than this effin guy!!
  • Sidney Le 2010-07-16 20:36:05
    @j1train Same thing I said when I saw him.
  • Matt Shadis 2010-07-16 14:22:08
    James Franco is the man
  • Andrew Panos 2010-07-15 21:39:21
    ...and there's your best actor oscar

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