How to Survive a Plague (2012)

How to Survive a Plague (2012)

Director David France

Writer David France, Woody Richman, Tyler H. Walk

Genre Documentary, History, News

Year 2012

Actors Ed Koch, David Barr, Bob Rafsky, Jim Eigo

IMDB : 7.6 (3,015 votes)


Description In the early years of the AIDS epidemic, the disease was considered a death sentence affecting communities, like the LGBT ones, whom many in power felt deserved it. This film tells the story of how militant activists like ACT-UP and TAG pushed for a meaningful response to this serious public health problem. As the activists struggled against political indifference, religious hostility, corporate greed and apparently skewed scientific research priorities with determination and sheer audacity, they produced a political wave that would lead to not only an effective treatment regime, but would advance LGBT rights beyond anyone's expectations.


  • Melvin Keelen 2013-12-26 02:13:42
    I thought this was a sequel to how to train your dragon 2.
  • Sharon Dewitt 2012-10-19 15:17:13
    This trailer gives me goosebumps. The negative comments on this page is just another example of why people need education about human sexuality. Why should someone be punished for who they love? The world would be a much better place if we could all have just a little more compassion.
  • joaonor 2012-09-17 23:03:03
    You want to fuck the faggots?
  • MjrDario 2012-09-16 13:51:36
    All this protesting and trouble just because somebody decided to make a porno about fucking a monkey...
  • Mauricio Pérez 2012-08-12 00:23:29
    what's your problem with homosexual people?

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