Homewrecker (2009)

Homewrecker (2009)

Director Paul Hart

Writer Bruce L. Hart, Paul Vander Roest

Genre Comedy

Year 2009

Actors Dylan Vox, Bruce L. Hart, Peter Szeliga, Rebekah Kochan

IMDB : 3.7 (109 votes)


Description A hilarious comedy spoof of the Lifetime Channel for Women movies with a gay twist! What happens when you invite a young scheming "homewrecker" into your happy home? Three happily married gay couples living in Los Angeles are about to find out! An unsuspecting couple (Derrick Hardy and Collin Lawrence) open their home to a secretly aspiring actor. They are hard at work on their new top secret TV series when unbeknownst them their house guest is really a "homewrecker". Worming his way into their complete trust and taking advantage of their neighbors welcoming attitude everyone is about to get taken for a ride. From sexy seductions to psychological manipulations everyone falls prey to this house-guest with an agenda for trouble" Warning this film contains nudity and adult language and situations.


  • zero94black 2013-06-19 16:14:13
    Dylan Vox is so fucking sexy ;)

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