Harvest (2011)

Harvest (2011)

Director Benjamin Cantu

Writer Benjamin Cantu (screenplay)

Genre Drama, Romance

Year 2011

Actors Lukas Steltner, Kai Michael Müller, Steven Baade, Florian Born

IMDB : 6.7 (1,377 votes)


Description A drama that tracks the relationship between two young apprentices working on an agricultural complex south of Berlin.


  • Willie D3 2016-10-18 17:32:39
    Guys go sub me to
  • JBxLeGacy 2016-10-18 17:09:54
  • Laura Reyes 2015-10-06 14:59:46
    stealing "Americans jobs" that's funny cuz I didn't see not one white person on those crops. how are we supposed to steal something that doesn't exist?
  • Jun Jimenez 2014-04-02 07:56:35
  • JALICIENSEyTEQUILERO 2013-08-15 04:10:32
    This is fuckend sad
  • raysofgreys 2013-05-01 02:45:48
    This movie is currently available on Netflix! Share with all your friends...
  • Whiksey_Icarus 2012-09-18 02:41:34
    We had to watch this in my Spanish class and I wanted to know where I could find this music.
  • Thet3 2012-08-31 15:03:18
    Share this video!!
  • Thet3 2012-08-31 15:02:14
    why is this legal?
  • DeimosSaturn 2012-04-14 23:58:42
    so what? What can I as an individual do? Go see a movie? Really? Show the movie to a friend? This is the problem with humanity, not that we have legal slavery, but that people would rather make a movie exposing it rather than ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. This is a class war and THEY DREW FIRST BLOOD. Now what are you going to do about it? Just take it. Watch another documentary, post a blog about it, then go buy some more tomatoes picked by migrant children.
  • mistatutoke 2012-04-11 15:42:37
  • erick lopez 2012-04-02 12:20:00
    i am a migrant and this movie is speaking the truth but it does not have to be that way its sometimes the parents who give their kids this type of life my mother works very hard and she has giving me a live where i have never had to work while in high school and i have enjoy school and my child hood yes its hard at times but it does not have to be the way it is in this movie and like everyone says no one is forcing us to be here i cant complain.
  • RollOnToVictory 2012-03-29 20:28:09
    Did you know children work the farms in this country? OMG!!!! oh wait, haven't we been doing that since Jamestown?
  • sakud1 2012-03-21 01:15:36
    @Darbydootx easy to say that when your not in someone else`s shoes. i`m not attacking you im simply saying something.
  • sakud1 2012-03-21 01:14:39
    @Alachua03 The great society has been under attack since its inception loser. Besides when you have fools like you talking about stealing from 'earners' and not explaining where their wealth came from, you snow ball ignorance.
  • BlackGaruda 2012-03-13 06:56:19
    i thought this movie about marijuana
  • Al Orion 2012-03-12 22:21:13
    @conservativedude Your fucking ignorant
  • conservativedude 2012-02-28 15:15:21
    Ok, and who is forcing these people to work in these conditions? I'm sure the country of origin would gladly take care of them... give them everything their heart's desire... screw them mean Americans.
  • interovert21 interovert21 2012-01-01 04:45:57
    @choodomoodo Envy, the greatest motivator of hate Doublewide Mobile home still count as a home
  • Adam Isailovic 2012-01-01 03:36:16
    @simontimon2 hahahaha....again, ONE more life noob who tries to boost his own internet ego telling people how he make money and buy a HOUSE at 19 LOL. OMG, this world became ugly place. Btw, RETARD, do not reply, since i will not. I just wanted to say that your pathetic cover is BLOWN away by the truth. Idiot, grow up.

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