Get Your Stuff (2000)

Get Your Stuff (2000)

Director Max Mitchell

Writer Max Mitchell

Genre Comedy, Drama

Year 2000

Actors Cameron Watson, Anthony Meindl, Elaine Hendrix, Grady Hutt

IMDB : 5.8 (521 votes)


Description Social Worker Gloria finds brothers T.J. and Brian, once again, abandoned by their alcoholic mother. With nowhere else to turn, she delivers them to a gay couple (Phil and Eric) on a waiting list to adopt an infant. While 8-year-old Brain is ready to give this new situation a go, 12-year-old T.J. has already been hardened by past rejections to give ANY situation a go. Both boys must either accept this situation or be split up in group homes. After several calls, T.J. gets his drunken mother, Cat, to drop by, and she ends up staying as well. This puts a strain on the gay men's relationship, forcing one to leave while the other remains to fix the problems with the boys and their mother.


  • kefou kefak 2016-09-16 13:53:13
    that's not a trailer though
  • Jonkewl 2013-04-28 15:44:41
    Wow this looks so funny! Wish it was available online!
  • Spongebob7009 2011-11-13 07:33:52
    @sasukesdreamgirl i seen it and i liked. it was heck of funny
  • Marceline Shiki 2010-08-29 08:53:19
    Lol... I love the use of swearing to tell the kids not to swear... Would anyone who's seen this, recommend seeing this? I love myself a good movie revolving around gay's.
  • gil4real82 2010-08-13 05:34:21
    OMG!!! lol this is soooo funny. 0:53

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