Get a Life (2006)

Get a Life (2006)

Director Toby Ross

Writer Toby Ross

Genre Comedy

Year 2006

Actors Brian Cambell, Peter Marinelli, Matt Edwards, Holly Barrett

IMDB : 3.4 (91 votes)


Description From the sleazy bookstore where he meets Monty an experimenting bisexual with a girl friend he left behind in Boston. ("I thought I'd take a walk on the wild side for a few months and then go back to her and all this will become a distant memory" proclaims the young student). Monty becomes Jaime's guiding light and conscience in his dark voyage through the maze of a broken life. After the bookstore gets busted Jaime ends up in the same cell with his archenemy Hal. The two who used to hate each other (Hal used to steal all his hot tricks in the bookstore) become the closest of friends and decide that there is an alternative to gay life. Somewhere over the rainbow there is a twilight zone of the sexual fringe. That's where they belong utters Hal. After a visit to Miss Galena an expert in making gays popular they decide to try a variety of gimmicks. From the circuit parties decked in zoot suits to dressing up in drag and trying to pick up gas station attendant(s) and all the way to the dramatic scene of a classical betrayal by his new found friend leaving Jaime twice as vulnerable and lonely. Vulnerable enough for Ray (a coworker and devout homophobe) to step in and ruin his life completely. Jaime gets what he wants (lover and all) but not before a spectacular revenge climaxing in a physical fight in which he beats the crap out of the conniving homophobe in front of all the coworkers. "I am a lowdown cocksucker who just beat the crap out of you! What does it make you Ray?" he asks his opponent, his voice trembling in this adrenaline rush while pinning the defeated creep down. You will root for Jaime in his journey for self-discovery and happiness.


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    1:05:08 太棒了
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    01.Overture [ 0:19 ] 02.浮誇 [ 1:16 ] SP1.怪異音樂 [ 5:55 - 7:01 ] 03.怪物 [ 7:05 ] 04.心裡有鬼 [ 10:21 ] 05.兩名男子街頭相遇 [ 14:06 ] 06.不良嗜好 [ 17:54 ] 07.Shall We Dance [ 21:28] 08.三個人的探戈 [ 25:24 ] 09.孤獨探戈 [ 29:00 ] 10.活著多好 [ 32:53] 11.怕死 [ 37:54 ] 12.爛 [ 42:59 ] 13.聽聽 [ 47:51 ] 14.大個女 [ 50:37 ] 15.單車 [ 55:00 ] 16.最佳損友 [ 58:24 ] 17.Shall We Talk [ 1:02:41 ] 18.如果這一秒鐘你跟我講你不愛我 [ 1:06:35 ] 19.傷信 [ 1:11:42 ] 20.1874 [ 1:19:22 ]
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    eason awesome

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