Gendernauts: A Journey Through Shifting Identities (1999)

Gendernauts: A Journey Through Shifting Identities (1999)

Director Monika Treut

Writer Monika Treut

Genre Documentary

Year 1999

Actors Susan Stryker, Texas Tomboy, Annie Sprinkle, Jordi Jones

IMDB : 5.8 (114 votes)


Description Monika Treut explores the worlds and thoughts of several trans-gendered individuals. As with Treuts first film, Jungfrauenmaschine, Gendernauts, enters a minority sector of San Fransisco culture. The individuals in this film are people whose (genetically) assigned gender does not match their social gender identity. The subject is pinpointed in the film independent of sexual orientation. Leave your conservative hats at the door, this is going to need your special attention.


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