Gaze (2010)

Gaze (2010)

Director Matt Riddlehoover

Writer Matt Riddlehoover

Genre Documentary

Year 2010

Actors Derrick Barry, Ryan Basham, Rob Beyond, Adam Bouska

IMDB : 7.2 (144 votes)


Description The works of twenty artists are set against a commentary track in this celebration of queer art.


  • ellisofficial 2010-05-09 00:26:13
    I'm so excited about seeing the Film Matt, can't wait for it to arrive in the mail... Best of luck with it. Such a privilege to be involved and have my music interspersed with such amazing artists. Thank you. Ellis X
  • dorianrye 2010-03-28 13:51:51
    Beautiful is value, is anything natural or recreated that drives people attention. Rye - ANATOMIKA
  • VJnet 2009-09-20 20:23:14
    Awesome concept! Looking forward to it coming out!
  • Matt Riddlehoover 2009-08-19 17:03:49
    "Cilla Black's TV" by Ellis :)
  • Andrew Breland 2009-08-18 21:06:18
    I have voice over and face:) YAY! Looks like a fab movie!
  • officialseleneluna 2009-08-18 02:44:20
    Awesome job, Matt. Thanks for having me on-board ;-)
  • Nick San Pedro 2009-08-18 00:50:10
    I am so grateful to have my art featured in this film alongside so many talented creators. Thank you Matt Riddlehoover. So excited to share it with the world! xo Nick San Pedro
  • robbeyond 2009-08-18 00:42:04
    this looks amazing! thank you for including me in your project, i feel really honored.
  • Ethan James 2009-08-17 23:01:47
    Why isn't my name bigger? :) Thanks for letting me contribute to the project, mister. It will be great to see the full feature SOON!
  • Jackie Beat 2009-08-17 22:42:47
    My voice -- over and over -- but my face, NOT ONCE!?
  • ellisofficial 2009-08-17 22:20:11
    Awesome trailer! Proud to be a part of it, thanks Matt. Nick San Pedro and Adam Bouska are amazing. Can't wait to see the film...

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