24 Nights (1999)

24 Nights (1999)

Director Kieran Turner

Writer Kieran Turner

Genre Comedy, Drama, Romance

Year 1999

Actors Kevin Isola, Aida Turturro, Stephen Mailer, David Burtka

IMDB : 6.5 (296 votes)


Description When Jonathan Parker was 4 years old, his mother's words and a chance encounter with a Salvation Army Kris Kringle instilled in him a lifelong belief in the legend of Santa Claus. Now 24 and his parents long passed away, Jonathan is a spacey, pot-smoking college drop-out and multi loser in romance who has one shot left to find his true love; he writes a letter to Santa Claus. After meeting Toby, a new co-worker just moved to the city, Jonathan is convinced this is the one who was sent for him, even after he meets Toby's long time boyfriend Keith. This doesn't deter Jonathan, who proceeds to wreck everyone's lives in pursuit of his dream man. Fighting snags, traps and pitfalls to Christmas Day, will Jonathan land his Christmas wish?


  • Misery M. 2013-03-25 18:25:13
    That guy with stripes is so ugly!
  • Ira Stecher 2012-01-17 07:59:50
  • Oh Boi Lin 2011-11-28 17:43:04
    does anyone know which song is played at the background in 0:40 ?? It's a christmas song and I need to know, I feel so christmasy right know :)
  • smurfie26 2011-02-17 05:46:14
    That kiss and David's dreamy eyes just makes me giddy! Neil, you are a lucky lucky man ;)
  • Sophie G 2011-02-13 09:14:21
    David is so freaking adorable :):):)
  • sms3382 2010-09-18 18:43:45
    i luv daves voice
  • sms3382 2010-09-18 18:40:59
    i luv daves voice
  • jsheas53 2009-10-29 01:48:09
    i've just ordered this movie from amazon; i have to see the whole thing after watching this scene. very cute actors. :]
  • hpribot 2009-09-29 00:42:32
    From the little presented here, this was nothing.
  • twins1729 2009-09-16 01:01:39
    David is what, 24 here? (Unless it was made before 1999). He's so adoralbe!
  • AustinLiveMusic 2009-02-12 14:34:40
    Oh - the paddle does say "Late Fees" - ha! Thanks for pointing that out :-D
  • AustinLiveMusic 2009-02-03 15:05:28
    I love the paddle in the background - such a necessity in a bookstore. I'll be naive and say it holds the bathroom key;-> Also the annoying little bell sounds as the door opens and closes. Great details - don't know the story - but that one guy is weird.

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