First Love (2007)


Director Kôichi Imaizumi

Writer Kôichi Imaizumi (screenplay)

Genre Crime, Drama, Romance

Year 2007

Actors Hiroshi Murakami, Teppen Matsunoki, Ryôya Kawashima, Shinji Horie

IMDB : 5.5 (66 votes)



  • Progyan Alok 2017-03-08 13:10:16
    i cried twice...while watching
  • Swapnil Chaudhary 2017-02-21 14:08:25
    I don't know Korean language but I got a good feeling about this...want to watch this movie
  • Shadowboy Azshara 2016-12-10 21:30:25
    Spoiler: Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso
  • Safiya Love 2016-11-23 06:15:23
    But Turkish have better language but the guy in Korean played better
  • Safiya Love 2016-11-23 06:14:33
    Worst copy ever
  • Niranjana Menon 2016-10-25 12:34:20
    superb movie....... this made my cry more than 1 hour
  • larry bird 2016-10-09 18:37:37
    there is turkish version called "senden bana kalan" way better than this version.
  • mohit9206 2016-06-27 20:27:53
    Nice movie, but i found Splash splash love more exiting.
  • Arinda Trisnasari 2016-06-25 05:02:15
    The song is One by TVXQ <3
  • Asalah AL-salahi 2016-06-10 17:46:07
    Sad movie I just cry when i watch this movie
  • BOOBA OKLM 2016-05-15 07:56:08
  • BOOBA OKLM 2016-05-15 07:55:35
  • Hatice Özkan 2016-04-23 20:11:28
    senden bana kalan
  • John Kyon 2016-04-23 01:45:22
    I watched this film in the summer back when I had the roger bed.
  • Melis Celikcan Aruk 2015-10-05 22:03:18
    Senden Bana Kalan - Turkish Movie *
  • Aera Joyce 2015-05-08 13:16:54
    I thought people were just overreacting when they said you're gonna be needing tons of tissues while watching this movie. But since yesterday, I know they were saying the truth. It was twelve midnight when I watched the movie and for every scenes that Jae Kyung and Eun Hwan cry to each other, oh God knows how terrible I cried too. Their love story in the movie must have been really sad for them.
  • Sofia Thomson 2015-03-31 18:09:10
    I saw this movie two years ago, I just realized that the main actor was Hyun Bin. I watched Secret Garden and I'm finishing up Hyde, Jekyll and Me, hes an amazing actor
  • Mahta Mk 2014-12-12 20:04:31
    this movie brought my heart to my mouth and it had a strong affect on me for a whole day :( but one of the best movies i watched . i recommend it but just saying this movie will make you want to die JUST SAYING...
  • Azhure Pirateshare 2014-11-02 15:22:09
    so awesome movie :)
  • milind suryavanshi 2014-09-03 06:21:31
    i love this movie.....even i told everyone to watch it

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