Family Tree (2010)

Family Tree (2010)

Director Olivier Ducastel, Jacques Martineau

Writer Olivier Ducastel, Jacques Martineau

Genre Drama

Year 2010

Actors Guy Marchand, Françoise Fabian, Sabrina Seyvecou, Yannick Renier

IMDB : 6.7 (167 votes)


Description When Frédérick, the patriarch of the Alsatian Muller family, is conspicuously absent from his son Charles' funeral, Frédérick's surviving son and his granddaughter, raw from their loss, ...


  • Bruh Idek 2017-03-09 03:04:08
    What's the name of the song on 0:21 anyone know?
  • Dirty Harry 2017-03-07 03:37:12
    One of the best trailers I've ever seen.
  • Kion Guard 2017-02-25 21:13:42
    Ii remember there were only 3 of us in the movie house and just a few minutes later, i figured out why. I wanted to leave right away but I regret the hard earned money I paid so I sat through the entire movie! I thought I wouldn't make it but here I am 6 years later to tell the tale:)
  • Andrew Jonathan 2017-02-21 15:53:29
    No one understand this movie except me
  • Georgia m 2017-02-19 14:09:49
    Me and my friends watched this movie and they all fell asleep while I sat through the most boring 3 hours of my life. I tried so hard to understand what on earth the story line was and I tried to view it in so many different ways. But still I'm sat here to this day asking "wtf was the tree of life about?"
  • retiber1 2017-02-09 19:09:28
    This is the most life affirming movie ever made. Excellent actors, excellent operator, excellemt music/soundtrack. Watched it several times.
  • Gavriel bar-or 2017-02-09 01:43:05
    When the actual theatre showing happened I remember everyone groaning and eventually leaving, but the trailer looks so good!
  • Steven Song 2016-12-20 21:49:35
    My fave of 2011.
  • Paul Koenig 2016-12-06 04:05:40
    One of the greatest films of all time in my opinion. Only a handful of films have left as profound and impact on me as this movie did.
  • spectreshadow 2016-09-23 04:36:43
    I loved this trailer to death
  • Benjamin Shipley 2016-09-13 18:59:48
    How have i never heard of this?!
  • Higzy Teflon 2016-09-10 09:03:39
    Pure cinematic excrement
  • BristolWolf 2016-08-31 12:52:30
  • FBK Rocketeer 2016-08-29 03:28:31
    I recently learned that the church that I attend was a film location for this movie.
  • Csöpi 2016-08-19 21:31:19
    0:49 How it goes on: - Brad Pitt: "Hit me." - Kid: "This is so stupid." - Kid hits Brad Pitt - Brad Pitt: "Motherfu**er, you hit me in the ear."
  • James Theus 2016-08-19 21:03:38
    Who's here from Voyage of Time trailer?
  • Frederic Germay 2016-07-26 18:31:21
    Every year or two, I come across a film that so thoroughly enthralls me in such a fashion that I leave the theatre almost in a trance - rattled, shaken, and broken into speechlessness over its emotive power. Into The Wild, The Master, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and Synecdoche, New York are a couple examples. This movie falls firmly into that category. Not every film requires a clear-cut explanation or definitive closure. And yet, if a film can impact you in such a powerful way, it deserves recognition - and this is one of qualifying films.
  • Dean Sofic 2016-07-26 15:14:19
    I dont get how people failed to see magnificence of this movie..its not about random family issues nor it repeats itself,but unless you learn about life you wont understand the movie,nor will you understand life itself..
  • GenevaRob72 2016-07-06 16:01:52
    This movie should be required viewing much like "The Iliad" is required reading...100 people could watch this movie and have 100 different takes on it. It's a masterpiece....
  • VoltageRaps 2016-06-23 03:00:36
    this movie is amazing at first its weird but then it becomes to where you are speechless I give this movie a 100\10 amazing

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