Fake ID (2003)


Director Gil D. Reyes

Writer Stuart Perelmuter, Gil D. Reyes

Genre Comedy

Year 2003

Actors Asia, Stephen Beasley, Nina Burns, Michael Cyril Creighton

IMDB : 4.4 (140 votes)


Description Fake ID is the hysterical satire of a young man coming ot terms with his heterosexuality in a gay world.


  • Sydney Heaney 2016-08-12 04:51:03
    great movie
  • Kazamo TDF 2016-08-02 04:48:32
    this is such an awesome movie !!!!!!!
  • the1inonehundred 2016-07-22 18:26:39
    love this movie :)
  • gotohell gotohell 2016-07-11 06:56:09
    good flick...cheers mate.
  • Luka Larrs 2016-07-07 20:37:44
    Boring movie
  • Davey 14 2016-05-31 13:53:07
    They should let him,hes done enough time ffs he never killed anyone,he only robbed money.I see he has recently been sent to WA to serve another 16 years.
  • Lingua Tonica 2016-05-07 10:51:03
    From Australia the same year another great movie, "Stander", a cop who decides that bank robbery is a better job.True story. Look for it if you liked this one and you will not be deceived. Almost anybody loves clever bank robbers when they do not shoot. Thanks for upload and its quality
  • someone else 2016-05-05 10:15:20
    abbott was at r and r when i was there in 2010, i was in the kitchen, he was in the msu (maximum security unit) and we'd have to make him special meals; he was hardly allowed anything, mostly he got sandwiches. they used to send him down bags and bags of paddlepop sticks and he'd make stuff with them.... that's my postcard bandit story, lol...... wonder why they changed brendon berichon's name?
  • someone else 2016-05-05 10:06:45
    funny how the brother's shirt says 'bad dog' on it
  • 4all2seechannel 2016-05-04 07:48:11
    They should of given him parole today His done enough time for never killing anyone
  • Jude Irwin 2016-04-28 18:45:59
    Having read the extremely thorough explanation of the plot, why would anyone bother to watch the movie. No surprises now. Too much verbiage is as bad as too little.
  • Monet Burt 2016-04-27 09:18:59
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  • john shoumack 2016-04-14 10:31:17
    awesome movie. just another thing that should of been released in cinemas.
  • Joe Grimes 2016-03-20 05:34:08
    Modern day Kelly says Robin Banks
  • Ted Nugent 2016-03-11 09:23:11
    One hellava STAUNCH crim, 'aint too many of us left !! F.T.S.
  • Thievesi 107 2016-03-10 07:48:21
    awesome movie. i heard on the news today that he is getting out. ☺
  • Rohawa 2016-02-29 18:07:34
    Hot soundtrack - I've only been watching for 5 mins and already heard 2 great aussie songs. RIP Stevie Wright
  • Bainsworth 2016-02-05 12:03:52
    Best fucking movie ever...excellent! If you google brendan abbott he totally looks like mark walburg WTF!!! :P
  • India Studios 2016-02-04 18:50:17
    Awesome Film
  • QuarterLife 2016-01-31 07:04:53
    Hit 8 repeatedly for snare drum Beat boxing abbot.

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