Eyes Wide Open (2009)

Eyes Wide Open (2009)

Director Haim Tabakman

Writer Merav Doster (screenplay)

Genre Drama, Romance

Year 2009

Actors Zohar Shtrauss, Ran Danker, Tinkerbell, Tzahi Grad

IMDB : 7.3 (5,064 votes)


Description A married, Orthodox, Jerusalem butcher and Jewish father of four falls in love with his handsome, 22-year-old male apprentice, triggering the suspicions of his wife and the disapproval of his Orthodox community.


  • kvazarful 2011-07-03 12:35:30
    @Ckenguere Well it's no big wonder that you love fags being a fag yourself:)))))))
  • kvazarful 2011-06-28 01:49:27
    @Ckenguere You will never ever see it in real. Jews for centuries have been the only ethnic group in the entire mankind population that has been having miserable percentage of homosexuals. Nowadays there are of course a little bit more fags Jews but comparatively to other nations it’s still an extremely small amount of people within the Jewish nation. Sorry to disappoint you asshole.
  • pinkasia 2011-06-21 06:32:37
    @marksheaven you can watch the full length movie in netflix...
  • Jade Pope 2011-06-13 07:47:00
    @marksheaven you can also watch it on netflix instantly.
  • Jujubarca19 2011-06-12 13:22:41
    was that girls name tinkerbell?
  • memo 2011-06-02 16:14:34
    @SmartBoy224 no problems with homosexuals, but its not good!!! wtf!! well being a jew is also not good then u fucking retard
  • memo 2011-06-02 16:08:44
    @xOxKurdParstxOx why the fuck do u bring arabs and other cultures into this u fucking racist
  • k guerrero 2011-05-26 23:28:45
    @marksheaven it's available on netflix instant watch as well
  • carpexomnis 2011-05-24 05:59:00
    @ralu4mike agreed! actually i believe he was quoting Talmudic (Jewish traditional texts) wisdom, I think it's written somewhere in the Talmud.
  • tatycrfull 2011-05-21 21:46:32
    @TheGranvikingo think? they have the word of G-d! but it´s uppon us, to decide wheter to fulfill the commandments or to sin
  • peccadillopictures 2011-05-17 17:23:29
    @marksheaven DVD is available at amazon.co.uk!
  • thegran vikingo 2011-04-18 03:18:26
    It is not a history of love ... is it a history of pain and expiation plunged for weight of the sentence of those who are thinking about having the god's word in his mouths .. for that they cannot open his own eyes
  • thegran vikingo 2011-04-04 21:12:26
    No es una historia de amor... es una historia de dolor y expiacion sumergida por el peso del señalamiento de los que creen tene la palabra de dios en sus bocas..por que no pueden abrir sus propios ojos..
  • elphau 2011-02-25 10:41:04
    looks like a very nice movie. anyone know whether i can watch the whole movie on youtube with subtitle?
  • yumi mango 2011-02-04 06:33:32
    @je187u Exactly ! Gay movies everywhere ! BTW,Have you seen the Egyptian film Pokeback Pyrimid ? Similar to EWO.......
  • J. Lucinda 2011-01-17 22:14:10
    Wow...this movie looks really powerful..
  • je187u 2011-01-05 20:39:07
    wtf with all this gay movies ,there popping up like mushrooms :)))))))))))))))))))) i'm no homofob but wtf :)))
  • tFighterPilot 2011-01-02 13:47:27
    So is this just the male version of Sodot? Kinda ironic that each was led by each of the stars of Hashir Shelanu (Ania Bukstein and Ran Danker). But while many were drawn to Sodot to see Ania Bukstein naked, I don't really see any appeal to this one.
  • RickyFitz 2010-12-10 22:06:49
    In my opinion the movie was pretty one-dimensional... nothing more to expect than written on the back of the cover. Above that you'll never find a single GAY guy like played by Ran Danker in this world... it is so obvious that, in private life, he's not the lonely, shy gay guy no one loves. He just has this self-confident cool guy radiation you only find in straight guys. Anyway, movies don't have to be realistic but it's always disappointing again.
  • manzar kamal 2010-12-06 19:18:36
    ran danker is the most beguiling man in the world

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