El mar (2000)

El mar (2000)

Director Agustí Villaronga

Writer Antoni Aloy, Blai Bonet (novel), Biel Mesquida, Agustí Villaronga

Genre Drama, War

Year 2000

Actors Roger Casamajor, Bruno Bergonzini, Antònia Torrens, Hernán González

IMDB : 6.7 (1,180 votes)


Description Two boys (Ramallo and Manuel) and a girl in the Spanish Civil War are involved in the death of other two boys, one killed, the other suicided. This terrible secret will be with them for all their lives. Years pass and they meet in a hospital for tuberculosis treatment. She is now a nun, Ramallo is a thief and Manuel is obsessed by religion. Reality is too hard to feel, only the sea should be the best place, where all is quiet...


  • Sebastian Murcia 2012-08-17 22:50:49
    donde se ve la peli completa ?
  • Yovani mendoza 2012-08-17 14:21:00
  • JOSE OSO 2012-08-17 03:23:45
    esta mejor la pelicula contra corriente busquenla asi jejej trata de una pareja que esta en espera de un hijo el pescador y una ama de casa pero llega al pueblo un pintor hijo de padres ricos que encuentra en el pescador algo que no habia encontrado jamas veanla esta muy buena
  • Jorge Varela 2012-08-16 07:32:45
    donde puedo ver o conseguir esta pelicula???
  • manuel rubio 2012-08-13 18:16:50
    como consigo esta pelicula
  • Nico Gonzalez 2012-08-10 03:50:40
    Hahaha not to be rude or anything, but try learning spanish, that is a fucking difficult language due to the grammar and spelling
  • Josh Díaz López 2012-08-10 02:21:34
    heheh es cierto...... no es ofenza ni nada por el estilo pero dicen que el portugues es como espanol hablado con pereza hahaha....
  • dimitrousis 2012-08-10 01:08:48
    watch the film first, then wish for a story 'like this'............
  • ultraclydelicious 2012-08-08 18:09:07
    chatsexgay ]
  • Devo cion 2012-08-07 20:35:32
    Every language is difficult when it is a foreign language. It will only be easier when the foreign language is similar to your native language. for instance, Portuguese and Italian are very similar to Spanish my native language which makes it a lot easier to understand. I could get the idea of what they are saying because the pronunciation id very similar
  • Джамол Хидиров 2012-08-06 22:32:22
    Hi friends i live in rossian please ...
  • Oscar Aguirre 2012-08-06 07:05:10
    Donde puedo ver el final, x favor ya k el ultimo video es EM200010 y ya no encontré nada, tampoco el principio gracias !!!
  • smart cool 2012-08-05 15:59:04
    urghh bluerk
  • Diego castro nole 2012-07-30 23:26:11
    silaz cola copo rova
  • Reemon Bell 2012-07-11 11:42:33
    He had a fat ass
  • 0GamEPR 2012-07-11 08:28:12
    he made him suk his cok o.0
  • Tango Java 2012-07-09 02:23:44
  • Silluet88 2012-07-05 11:55:01
    i don't understand why mostly commenter here are debating about language rather than the movie trailer's content..
  • Kurt Lim 2012-07-04 12:35:30

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