El mar (2000)

El mar (2000)

Director Agustí Villaronga

Writer Antoni Aloy, Blai Bonet (novel), Biel Mesquida, Agustí Villaronga

Genre Drama, War

Year 2000

Actors Roger Casamajor, Bruno Bergonzini, Antònia Torrens, Hernán González

IMDB : 6.7 (1,180 votes)


Description Two boys (Ramallo and Manuel) and a girl in the Spanish Civil War are involved in the death of other two boys, one killed, the other suicided. This terrible secret will be with them for all their lives. Years pass and they meet in a hospital for tuberculosis treatment. She is now a nun, Ramallo is a thief and Manuel is obsessed by religion. Reality is too hard to feel, only the sea should be the best place, where all is quiet...


  • makino91100 2013-02-13 02:49:54
    aaaah... se ve muy interesante la peli :) por lo que pude ver hay inmerso algo de la religión y ... saben sonde puedo verla completa?
  • kris calderon 2013-02-10 22:38:56
  • armando jasso 2013-02-07 06:10:10
  • Astarte Amunet 2013-02-06 20:09:01
    Tienes razón.
  • Javier H. Espinoza 2013-02-06 04:53:29
    ¿Se puede conseguir este film completo por la web?
  • BrunoDG1995 2013-01-22 01:59:05
    English is not as hard as they say. Actually I think it's pretty easy. For example: a verb is the same when used with I, you, we, they. In Portuguese is different for every person.
  • nick taylor 2013-01-09 04:57:18
    el final esta bloqueado
  • sergius james 2013-01-08 18:36:07
    cheapest £20 on amazon
  • padreq12 2013-01-07 06:15:10
    How can I get a copy of this video?
  • Bacchanalia 2013-01-06 21:52:57
    Vien que les gusta, nada mas que se hacen pendejos.
  • SAM DARE 2012-12-30 07:54:27
    hay un vídeo que se llama EM200003 que aparece en la lista de sugerencias, buscarlo mediante vídeos relacionados a este ya que es la película. no encontré la primera parte pero seguir los consecutivos y encontraras hasta el final
  • SAM DARE 2012-12-30 07:49:11
    alguien sabe el nombre de la canción
  • David Valdez 2012-12-18 04:28:16
    @fddghhl .
  • batbin7 2012-12-14 18:00:16
    me atrapo este trailer, me encantaria ver esta pelicula , alguien sabe donde se puede conseguir?
  • fhhjglj ddghhl 2012-12-03 13:12:44
  • xp2712 2012-12-02 07:15:01
    a huevo perrita
  • Valery Henao 2012-12-01 21:17:56
    gay detected equisde
  • xp2712 2012-12-01 06:50:26
    donde puedo ver la pelicula en español?
  • skyemcleod1 2012-11-28 01:36:33
    Thank you for the warning. I do not want to see another depressing movie ;x Why do the indie films almost all seem that way! Congrats to the artists anyway, & thankx to the uploader.
  • JohnPaul Dixon 2012-11-24 16:38:33
    So,just what was it about this particular film which 'no distributer dared to release'?! And is it available on general release?

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