Pride (2014)

Pride (2014)

Director Matthew Warchus

Writer Stephen Beresford (screenplay)

Genre Biography, Comedy, Drama

Year 2014

Actors Ben Schnetzer, Abram Rooney, Jim McManus, George MacKay

IMDB : 7.8 (35,260 votes)


Description In 1984 20 year old closet gay Joe hesitantly arrives in London from Bromley for his first Gay Pride march and is taken under the collective wing of a group of gay men and Lesbian Steph, who meet at flamboyant Jonathan and his Welsh partner Gethin's Soho bookshop. Not only are gays being threatened by Thatcher but the miners are on strike in response to her pit closures and Northern Irish activist Mark Ashton believes gays and miners should show solidarity. Almost by accident a mini-bus full of gays find themselves in the Welsh village of Onllwyn in the Dulais valley and through their sincere fund raising and Jonathan's nifty disco moves persuade most of the community that they are on the same side. When a bigot tries to sabotage the partnership with a tabloid smear Mark turns it back on her with a hugely successful benefit concert to which most of the villagers, now thoroughly in tune with their gay friends, turn up. The miners are defeated and return to work but at the Pride march the following year a vast contingent of miners show up to repay their comrades with their show of support.


  • attlee2010 2016-07-06 20:30:06
    Hugely cliched and cringeworthy. Would have been edgy 16 years ago. It's a relic of a dead age of faux naivety and stereotypes. Let's look forward. If we have to look back, make a film that is real and new and not full of cheap jokes aimed at the lowest level of box office humour.
  • songsfromtheheart37 2016-05-21 05:22:46
    I remember my dad happened to get this movie via Netflix the week that the US legalized gay marriage. That was a good weekend :)
  • lucy jones 2016-04-06 00:24:04
    "where are my lesbians " me calling for all my friends
  • McGirl x 2016-04-06 00:10:31
    All Welsh people say I!
  • Hetty Hopkinson 2016-03-28 19:13:59
    Like some people here, I wasn't sure whether to watch this, but it was actually amazing - so beautifully directed and heart wrenching. And it's even more amazing that the story is 100% true.
  • Patrick Houlihan 2016-03-14 21:02:22
    Anyone know the song starting at 56 seconds?
  • Bored Stranger 2016-03-09 11:33:23
    brilliant movie!
  • Low Roar 2016-02-29 01:40:44
    I wasn't really interested at first, but it turned out to be sooo good!
  • ZWar101 2016-02-26 05:08:58
    love this film
  • Eggroll 2016-02-15 20:09:17
    It was such a good movie
  • Chris Bryan 2016-02-10 19:43:33
    Whoever played the two sons of Maureen (played by Lisa Palfrey), they are hot. Especially the one sitting at Maureen's right at the 12pm council meeting.
  • Chris Bryan 2016-02-10 19:37:28
    Jack Baggs (Gary), the tall miner who also asks for dance lessons, moves awkwardly at the dance floor and that makes him cute and hot at the same time.
  • Yowwall 2016-01-13 01:27:11
    One of the actors was really shining in this movie according to me and that was the guy who played Mark Ashton. How he portrayed a activist who inspired those around him and sacrificing anything for his cause was so convincing. There was like a constant flame in his eyes that showed how much he hated injustices and how much motivation and drive he had to do something about it, almost to the point to where he would seem mad to those around him. I've seen people like that in real life, you feel like nothing can stop them in their way. Also how he invest everything into his activism forgetting everything else, which eventually could break any person. Such brilliant portrayal, I am so impressed.
  • Juujukm 2016-01-11 14:31:40
    So this what really happened 20 years later... #Harrypotter
  • Joshua Coheely 2016-01-11 01:35:58
    what is the song at the end?
  • NunyVanstta135 2016-01-04 00:02:43
    I preferred Bill Nighy when he was Davy Jones... jus sayin..
  • Potato 2016-01-03 17:44:02
    This film made me laugh, cry, and (silently) scream in excitement, a lot. 10/10 would recommend
  • niko 2016-01-01 22:22:40
    it's a good movie. I liked it
  • Lucha Libertaria 2015-12-19 23:01:31
    Recently saw this - very unrealistic, stereotypical characters. Its written, directed, produced by liberal straight people for liberal straight people. Protagonist Mark's character was speaking/acting like Daffyd from Little Britain. The whole film is one cliche after another liberal straight people have about gays ( all gays are labour-voting, open-minded cheerful characters, women are naturally gay people's bestfriends, people who've been homophobic suddenly becoming gayfriendly when they see gay people dance etc) Seriously dont waste your time on this.
  • Troglotude 羊 2015-12-07 22:01:32
    Hey look! A film based in Wales-Oh! Sorry! Not Wales! It's England! Because Britain is just England!

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