eCupid (2011)

eCupid (2011)

Director J.C. Calciano

Writer J.C. Calciano

Genre Romance

Year 2011

Actors Houston Rhines, Noah Schuffman, Matt Lewis, Andy Anderson

IMDB : 5.1 (1,708 votes)


Description A gay man nearing 30, and in a 7-year relationship rut, taps into an otherworldly Internet ad that starts omnisciently controlling his life.


  • Dillon1791 2013-07-15 16:22:11
    Whats the song at 1:35????
  • Paula Sousa 2013-07-07 13:48:06
    OMG......<3 it i wanna see
  • Keehan Browne 2013-07-07 03:53:58
    I fucking know right, and then you get those overly gay acting ones who sound like pre-pube 12 year old girls. SO hard :(
  • anish shrestha 2013-07-02 14:49:39
    I found that really helpful. I'd been so baffled noticing my buddy go from being lame to a ladies man. He went from a nobody into being superb. He behaved like it was standard for quite a while. He ultimately came clean on Friday. He said he learned from the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it if you wish to learn about it... He is on a date right now with a beautiful girl...
  • TheLizGang 2013-06-24 21:24:25
    To those who have seen this movie: thoughts?
  • rorogarion1 2013-06-23 15:14:20
    that is a very NON-diverse cast.
  • tyamada21 2013-06-23 03:01:05
    Read the new book Ztingar and turn your life around! :o)
  • Bảo Ngọc 2013-06-21 07:31:01
    how i see this movie??
  • loonycushion 2013-06-17 16:35:15
    it's pittyfull, optimism.
  • Pat Prem Lim 2013-06-17 06:59:32
    IS there never a chance for true love in Gay's world ? Its hard to get into a relationship for caring , sharing 7 LOVING WHEN ALL IT IS JUST THREE LITTLE WORDS -sex ?? Its years now ... the waiting is getting ...sigfh...silly me
  • Angela Madrazo 2013-06-16 23:19:01
    There are actually quite a few homosexual pedophiles on To Catch A Predator!
  • Nathan Young 2013-06-14 17:42:24
    I agree, It's that or it's just some very gross creep who your not even in to, but your so depressed and lonely that you think you'll learn to love him, but you won't.
  • Sinnombre sinapedillo 2013-06-14 01:48:20
    you know what scintellata?, the same thing can be said about straight men, the only diffenerece between the two is that when men have sex with other men its more easy and accesable and there are no strings attached. its sad for straight men because they have to deal with women's emotions, but believe you me, if they had their way they would be more sexual than gay men. haven't you seen to catch a predetor????, they are all straight!!
  • Sinnombre sinapedillo 2013-06-14 01:42:17
    Really Louis?!?!, you are obviously looking in the wrong place. there are relationship minded men out there, you are just not looking where you should. Also, if you think that being gay is depressing because you don't have a man in your life, then maybe its not the gay thing, its you!!!!
  • Adriano Cardozo 2013-06-10 21:45:36
    very good movie and makes perfect sense, what made the great writer.
  • Sebastián González Cesani 2013-06-06 04:40:17
    That happens all the time and all around the globe. But dont' worry, you'll find him, the right one.
  • kail mike 2013-06-05 17:12:07
    baby ur a fireeewooork
  • TarotMage 2013-05-30 10:38:16
    El cancion se llama "Firework" por Katy Perry. :)
  • jeniffer veliz 2013-05-27 19:02:46
    como se llama esa cancion q dice algo como oh oh oh
  • StewNWT 2013-05-16 02:51:07
    this movie gives away the entire plot up front and that line stealing queen at the end ruins the trailer

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