Easy A (2010)

Easy A (2010)

Director Will Gluck

Writer Bert V. Royal

Genre Comedy, Drama, Romance

Year 2010

Actors Emma Stone, Penn Badgley, Amanda Bynes, Dan Byrd

IMDB : 7.1 (285,755 votes)


Description A clean-cut high school student relies on the school's rumor mill to advance her social and financial standing.


  • Sugar Sugar 2016-01-17 12:27:21
    Easy a and boy a x'D #stonefield
  • Vinicius Santana 2016-01-05 01:29:37
    1:23 Poke Face <333
  • Luiza Bueno 2015-11-22 21:22:46
    That akward moment when Sandman is Gwen Stacy teacher
  • Dan Andersen 2015-10-17 05:54:00
    That's my school mate!!!
  • Sarita Conhye 2015-10-11 07:04:13
    Can someone tell me the song at 02:01
  • Neil Bantolina 2015-10-06 04:17:06
    The movie ended with the 'Say Anything' and 'Can't Buy Me Love' scene. Hahahha
  • Risky Bisky 2015-09-14 06:57:26
    the main concept of this movie is irrelevant. I mean, since when virginity is really that matter in America?
  • Songs AllTime 2015-08-30 13:48:08
    like 4 watching this on 2015
  • Xavier 2015-08-11 23:42:38
    What's the name of the song starting at 1:58?
  • Beth Thornton 2015-08-05 16:12:38
    "theres a higher power that will judge u for ur indecensy" "Tom Cruise?" OMG SOOOO FUNNY like if u agree!
  • Hannah Unsworth 2015-08-04 00:13:39
    she would be good at doing youtube videos aha
  • Hannah Unsworth 2015-08-04 00:12:27
    how do people not know people in school if your in the same year group? like i know everyone in my year group and theres over 100, not saying im friends with them all but i know all of them. is it just an american thing ??
  • Twiggy Larson 2015-08-02 14:41:14
    Anyone know a movie just like Easy A because I just watched it, it's so good :)
  • Veronica Reed 2015-07-31 03:35:35
    The movie was so good and has a good moral behind it too!
  • Adam Booth 2015-07-25 01:41:23
    no-no Maya love. Youre not the only one who's JUST SEEN THIS. But the difference with me is that my love for Emma Stone isn't all that new. I'm not too sure where it did start coz I fell for her as a brunette and in Spiderman she's a blonde so it wasn't in that movie. lolz.
  • Mairy Manousou 2015-06-29 21:32:00
    my favourite movie ever
  • VelvetGal5 2015-06-26 06:52:25
    I thought this "Easy A" film was good. Emma Stone was great in this film. I loved many of her lines in this film. Emma Stone is a really quick-witted, sharp, funny, spunky, feisty, outspoken, & smart gal. This movie, "Easy A", teaches you that there are people with good, caring, sensitive hearts like Emma Stone who go out of their way to help people in need, even if she ruins her reputation helping people out of the kindness of her heart. And this movie also teaches you that many people assume the worst in other people without knowing the complete facts about someone. This movie shows you how gossip quickly circulates and how many people were wrong about Emma Stone. This happens so much in real life - meaning that there are so many really judgmental and gossipy people out there who are very quick to judge and assume the worst about many people. The strong human beings are the ones who survive through all the gossip even though they didn't do anything close to what people are saying about them. Anyways, "Easy A" is a good & relatable film. I highly recommend this film.
  • Andrew David 2015-06-21 09:59:29
    Movie was good. Trailer fuckin sucked
  • Clara Fontanive 2015-06-18 01:50:09
    I love Emma Stone and this movie!
  • Zoe Munc 2015-06-13 04:37:31
    Penn Badgley baby!!!! :D loved him on Gossip Girl

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