Die, Mommie, Die! (2003)

Die, Mommie, Die! (2003)

Director Mark Rucker

Writer Charles Busch (play), Charles Busch (screenplay)

Genre Comedy

Year 2003

Actors Charles Busch, Angela Paton, Jason Priestley, Natasha Lyonne

IMDB : 6.5 (1,793 votes)


Description Retired singing star, Angela Arden, heads a dysfunctional family. Her husband, filmmaker Sol Sussman, hates her and has a kissy relationship with his nubile daughter, Edith. Angela carries on an affair with Tony Parker, a lounge lizard, who sleeps with both Edith and her brother, Lance, but not before Angela plots to murder Sol when he cuts off her allowance. Bootsie Carp, the family maid loyal to Sol, is on to Angela, but the diva works quickly and poisons Sol. Edith suspects foul play and wants Lance's help in proving mom's guilt. Lance, who loves his mother deeply, is conflicted. Will Edith succeed? Does love lurk somewhere? And what about Angela's long dead sister, Barbara?


  • Vick theChick 2009-08-07 01:59:44
    This is the BEST movie I've seen in YEARS. It is very witty, original, surprising, funny, entertaining. YOU NAME IT! I'm not even gay but I LOVED the star guy in drag and his acting was AMAZING. I love the homage to all the great film noir movies and stars! EXCELLENT! WHY IS THIS NOT PROMOTED MORE??????? IT SHOULD HAVE A CULT FOLLOWING!!!
  • cbiswhite 2009-07-10 15:06:37
    I LOVE this movie (and quote it alot), but surprisingly, I enjoyed the stage version even more. Seeing Charles Busch play Angela Arden in person is hysterical- when he entered as Angela and threw the black cape back over his/her shoulders, everyone applauded! And the audience went ape s*** when he threw the "you know what" at "you know who" in the lawyer's office scene. Ashley Morris (played the daughter) and Christine Nielsen (played the maid) were also huge standouts in the NY stage version.
  • dayg715 2009-05-07 18:22:36
    i LOVE this movie!! absolutely hilarious!!!
  • Shaunna Powell 2009-04-23 07:45:25
    Graet Movie !!! I watched it Tonight . It's like a cross between ''Mommie Dearest'' ''Whatever Happened to Baby Jane .'' ''Valley of the Dolls .'' with little bit of Mame and My Mom's a Serial Killer throw in . The lead character kind-of reminde me of a cross between Ms. Crawford, Bette Davis, Rosalind Russell and Kathleen Turner !
  • Alexis Rockman 2009-04-19 20:48:38
    Natasha Lyonne is soooo cute, I don't care what anyone says.
  • capricous 2007-06-27 04:19:38
    I love his work, it's always great. I've never come across a bad Charles Busch play or movie.
  • ONE_ HOT_EGG 2007-05-19 23:31:33
    such a funny movie :)

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