Diana (2009)


Director Aleem Khan

Writer Aleem Khan

Genre Short

Year 2009

Actors Coralie Allison, Ann Barnett, Rex Duis, Tuba Duman

IMDB : 5.2 (32 votes)


Description Diana takes place the day after the Princess of Wales' death and follows Mohit, an Indian pre-op transsexual on an emotional journey set against the backdrop of a day that shocked a nation ...


  • RedLikeWine 2015-06-27 02:51:10
    Gosh, I miss Diana so much :(
  • Pubudu Akalanka Watthuhewa 2015-06-17 15:17:53
    This gave me goosebumps!
  • No Jams 2015-05-19 10:18:10
    i bet as a movie this is good, but they've changed her story so much, and that is dishonouring her good memory.
  • Joe TechNerd 2015-05-11 10:52:15
    this movie shows love is way powerful regardless of our religion.. ❤ I'm a Muslim.. This movie is awesome..
  • Mia Kelly 2015-04-26 23:03:06
    A some great l mean Fantastic movie
  • Mima Al 2015-03-25 10:02:03
    ابي  اشوف الفيلم  وين القاه ؟
  • KING FAISEL XO 2015-03-13 21:08:33
    The movie was good !
  • abrar abdullaha 2015-03-04 08:05:36
    it's really good movie
  • Bytorino Huap 2015-02-02 22:49:18
    Omg i just saw this film and i really loved it. had tears :(
  • Missy Shontae 2014-12-22 10:48:48
    I wish she was alive, she was so influential, if only, if only. :/
  • Watford Herts London News Events TV 2014-12-10 18:10:55
    filmed at my old school mansion
  • kongma 2014-12-09 11:30:20
    The shortest Diana I've ever seen...
  • Yeliz Yeliz 2014-10-31 09:24:11
    wrong! very bad  and fake movie! Lady di was not that stupid woman that they want to show us!! it is very bad, malediction to you
  • Chiara Bellucci 2014-10-28 18:21:23
    I have just seen the movie... I did not like it so much but Diana will always be my princess
  • Kojii Naz 2014-10-06 22:11:01
    I have physical and documentary proof that Princess Diana, Queen of all our Hearts, was murdered by The Osmonds when she rejected their demands that she become a Mormon and be one of their wives.
  • Mensch Heit 2014-10-05 19:12:45
    crap movie
  • Tanzanite800 2014-09-25 02:05:50
    She looks nothing like Princess Diana. Diana had these slightly sunken sapphire eyes that were quite piercing and Naomi doesn't have that. 
  • Jesikah Charles 2014-09-23 03:15:04
    Ugh! I was looking forward to seeing this movie, but once I saw it I was a little disappointed at how it turn out. :(
  • Alomayri A 2014-09-11 01:45:14
    Fake thinks about diana
  • sebaspaz0103 2014-09-02 02:50:56
    I don't really understand why people are saying that this film is bad? It is quite brilliant actually, the actors were utterly astonishing! She does quite look-a-like Lady Diana. If you're planning to see it, forget what the others are saying it's just pure rubbish.

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