The Detective (1968)

The Detective (1968)

Director Gordon Douglas

Writer Abby Mann (screenplay), Roderick Thorp (novel)

Genre Crime, Drama

Year 1968

Actors Frank Sinatra, Lee Remick, Ralph Meeker, Jack Klugman

IMDB : 6.5 (2,194 votes)


Description Police detective Joe Leland investigates the murder of a homosexual man. While investigating, he discovers links to official corruption in New York City in this drama that delves into a world of sex and drugs.


  • James Moloney 2016-08-31 19:03:13
    Just wanted to see a clip of sugar ray:(
  • Willie Gordon 2016-04-10 20:47:32
    + codename617 All of that would make people run away from a movie, no one wants to see all of that in a movie.
  • Willie Gordon 2016-04-10 20:43:03
    + James Reyes The killing of a gay man in 1968 and cutting off his penis and bashing in his skull was considered big news back then became no one had ever seen anything like that before. Today if that were to happen the liberals would be screaming about a war against gays.
  • sclogse1 2015-07-30 09:38:59
    The actor in the chair is a great piece of work. Tony Musante.  He starred with Marty Sheen in an indelible film called The Incident. Find it. Unforgettable. More like theater than another movie. It hits moments you never see in other films. Hey, how about that ending music in this trailer? I bet a thou that it's not in the movie...
  • Christian Schmude 2014-12-14 04:58:28
    This movie has a sequel did ya know? Its called DIE HARD! .... seriously! Okay the abridged version is that the author made a sequel to the Detective called Nothing Lasts Forever. He apparently intended to make a movie of it but Sinatra wasn't available. After a short period in Development Hell it was retooled and re-imagined as a stand alone movie.... I ain't read it myself but according to wikipedia outside of some major alterations like renaming the main character it follows the source material quite nicely. Anyone read these books? Do you recommend? Have you seen this flick and should I give it a shot?
  • Alex Palmer 2014-09-17 07:13:31
    This movie may be overshadowed today by TV shows like Homicide, the Law and Order spinoffs and God only knows how many more are out there, good and bad; but for the time, it was pretty groundbreaking. How many other movies from that era can match this? I wonder.
  • Jeahav Valentin 2014-03-24 15:52:07
    The first Die hard movie from 1988 with Bruce Willis is way way better and alot Superior to this piece of crap movie by frank sinatra.
  • Jeahav Valentin 2014-03-24 15:52:06
    The first Die hard movie from 1988 with Bruce Willis is way way better and alot Superior to this piece of crap movie by frank sinatra.
  • Eric Curto 2014-03-11 09:44:33
    If they ever remake this Bruce Willis should be in it, hell they can even adapt this book and jst call him John McClane again 
  • Eric Curto 2014-03-11 09:42:58
    Interesting to think Die Hard was meant to have Frank Sinatra returning in this role but when he said no they reworked it and changed the names. Now I'm hearing Frank Sinatra saying "Yipe Kayai Mother Fucker" 
  • Kinley McKinley 2014-01-18 18:00:08
    Yep, for those of ya who don't know, THIS is technically Die Hard Zer0.
  • boomerang905 2013-10-26 22:40:56
    The first time I saw this, I was a young adult and couldn't quite grasp the plot. This is a deep movie I realized when I finally saw it again. It's been years! Frank Sinatra was always more than a Singer to me. I loved his acting as well. I'm going to buy the video. =)
  • KRN762 2013-10-04 22:51:52
    Someone please upload.
  • James Reyes 2013-09-18 18:36:25
    I wish they'll make a remake of The Dectective. With either Harrison Ford or Bruce Willis as the police dectective who investigate the murder of a gay man. it'll be more heavy just like the original from 45 years ago.
  • Ian Heier 2013-08-10 06:10:45
    Accidently started reading the book when i was a kid in the early '70's (secretly finished it) didn't realize it was the 'Die Hard' prequel. I'll watch the movie now..thanks.
  • RonHoward 2013-05-27 01:26:08
    The "Die Hard" prequel.
  • WDRowlett 2013-03-26 02:27:50
    I liked your comment. This film was so cutting edge for the time. It explored homosexuality and its relation to crime. It also explored cops getting the wrong man. It explored pressure cops have to solve a case & obtain a confession. It explored how "solving the case" gets you promoted in the police ranks. It's realistic.
  • criddic2 2013-03-22 06:44:19
    "Tony Rome" (1967), "The Detective" (1968), "The Lady in Cement" (1968), "Contract on Cherry Street" (1977) and "The First Deadly Sin" (1980). He plays a police detective in all of these titles.
  • roy wally 2013-01-16 01:09:03
    Yippi Kay A o Blue Eyes.
  • Vahan Nisanian 2013-01-10 16:45:35
    Jacqueline Bisset's first Hollywood film.

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