O Beautiful (2002)

O Beautiful (2002)

Director Alan Brown

Writer Alan Brown

Genre Short, Drama

Year 2002

Actors Jay Gillespie, David Clayton Rogers

IMDB : 6.5 (433 votes)


Description Being gay bashed and left in a corn field in rural America takes an unusual turn when one of the bashers returns with remorse and a secret.


  • Fairy Meets Edgelord 2017-03-14 04:44:14
    What the hell did I just watch?
  • Nico Ison 2017-03-07 15:06:22
    Who's watching in 2017?
  • I need a life 2017-03-05 04:26:29
    Him: What kind of music do you like? Me: Emo
  • I need a life 2017-03-05 04:23:29
    Him: Stop limping! Me: Shit my bad
  • I need a life 2017-03-05 04:19:46
    Him: Leonardo DiCarprio is gay! Me: We wish sweety...
  • I need a life 2017-03-05 04:16:10
    Him: Are you always gay? Sometimes? Me: I mean some days I prefer to be a Llama
  • Laray Hahn 2017-03-03 01:00:23
    so like they switched pants?
  • Ahmad Fauzi Mohd Razali 2017-02-24 14:13:32
    nice movie..but ending very sad because brad leave andy...ohhh i love and like andy
  • Hruaia Sailo 2017-02-23 17:42:37
    Why am I crying
  • Hruaia Sailo 2017-02-23 17:41:03
    i was crying while watching this movie but
  • Marc Adams 2017-02-18 15:15:14
    Is This Sometype of Hypnosis Fetish??
  • Zoe Drowns 2017-02-18 05:12:18
    he kind of looks like Percy jakson
  • Kylie Finstad 2017-02-03 06:01:35
    i had a serious face on until that guy started singing like wtffff?
  • Sofie u 2017-01-31 20:19:42
    "Leonardo DiCaprio is gay!" me: " WHAT?! REALLY?" then googols it… :P haha
  • דור אלון 2017-01-26 13:24:44
  • David Márquez 2017-01-19 00:46:41
    what did he say 4:02 "They hell me down"? English is not my first language, if somebody can answer and tell me what did he mean pls
  • Viviana Gonzalez 2017-01-12 19:48:09
    wait so he just gave brad his shoes and his pants and his jacket and brad protested all of that, but then he offers his truck and brad just drives away and leaves him there without questioning it?
  • Toma Chan 2017-01-06 20:31:45
    I've watched the hole video and I still don't what's going on.
  • Bri Rodriguez 2017-01-03 05:40:09
    TBH am I the only one that thinks brad is kinda cute
  • Kyle LaFlur 2017-01-02 07:58:58
    "but your not gay all the time, right?".

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