Date and Switch (2014)

Date and Switch (2014)

Director Chris Nelson

Writer Alan Yang

Genre Comedy, Romance

Year 2014

Actors Quinn Lord, Nick Offerman, Gary Cole, Megan Mullally

IMDB : 5.8 (6,207 votes)


Description Two guys who make a pact to lose their virginity before prom find their friendship tested when one of them comes out of the closet.


  • Kevin Pham 2014-04-24 18:01:46
    i dont know how i feel about this 
  • coolso0oz 2014-04-23 13:17:45
    lolz ' I don't think am dancing'
  • Catherine Smith 2014-04-22 17:46:25
    Dakota actually looks a little attractive
  • Berowh Al. 2014-04-21 04:45:06
    wow! teen movies ugh .. 
  • Powder 2014-04-17 18:59:27
    I wouldn't recommend anyone to watch this because the speak of a weed brownie in the movie and its not meant for sensitive people.
  • Farmer Joe 2014-04-08 04:12:50
    This is weird shit
  • minor25 2014-04-06 16:19:30
    a gay movie?    what happened to this world ?      this movies are made to wash teen brains,  USA is a country with many pervert people..    teens or kids  they don't need to see this. 
  • Jason David 2014-04-06 06:41:44
    abnormal crap
  • deaftone311 2014-04-05 21:04:07
    doh whats the song at the end of the trailer, can't seem to find it anywheres!
  • Ronan D 2014-04-03 19:47:27
    Movie looks a bit gay to me. 
  • detubeme 2014-04-02 23:19:24
    I was just watching this trailer to make sure Dakota Johnson wasn't still playing a highschooler. lololololololol. I'm still unsure.
  • silviu dumitru 2014-04-02 14:23:33
    kkt , pisat ma cac intruna :))
  • Raymond Leggs 2014-03-17 17:30:16
    Dakota johnson is the new jess Weixler
  • Fighter Sam 2014-03-08 17:27:59
    I love this movie so much! It's a life-saver for many people who think that they are bullied for who they really are. I appreciate it. :)
  • Trace Sheehan 2014-03-01 03:20:46
    Love & Air Sex now on iTunes. Zach is funny as hell
  • mattie! 2014-02-22 18:48:21

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