Dangerous Living: Coming Out in the Developing World (2003)

Dangerous Living: Coming Out in the Developing World (2003)

Director John Scagliotti

Genre Documentary

Year 2003

Actors Janeane Garofalo, Maher Sabry

IMDB : 7.4 (126 votes)


Description Documentary presenting the realities of coming out in lesser developed countries.


  • Tommie Davenport 2014-03-29 22:02:51
    i watch it on netflick, so much is missing here, the longer verison is a hour and 20ty min. long.  it cover all nations.  very interesting, good research and eye opener.  what i like about the movie was it covered all country...
  • Everette Singleton 2009-11-29 04:22:00
    Netflex online
  • Abraham Martin 2009-10-10 02:28:20
    When was this documentary released???
  • Angel Fernandez 2009-07-03 15:41:53
    PLEASE were can i find this complete
  • Angel Fernandez 2009-07-03 15:41:48
    PLEASE were can i find this complete
  • Uniteo8 2009-03-03 15:57:37
    Thank you for posting this! is there a longer version available? I would like to see the full lenght version,where can I find it? ty.. ~ human rights 4 ALL !

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