The Curiosity of Chance (2006)

The Curiosity of Chance (2006)

Director Russell P. Marleau

Writer Russell P. Marleau

Genre Comedy

Year 2006

Actors Tad Hilgenbrink, Brett Chukerman, Aldevina Da Silva, Pieter Van Nieuwenhuyze

IMDB : 6.8 (2,320 votes)


Description A confident, out-of-the-closet gay teenager has the support of an eclectic range of friends while dealing with a homophobic bully during his first year at an international high school.


  • krazykittymatt 2010-08-06 18:42:30
    @malgacho I think they looked more like Trannies than Drag Queens!!! They didn't use the make up to shape and contour their faces, they just put it on.
  • Soulbowl 2010-07-31 15:45:24
    @eava123 are they brothers?
  • Soulbowl 2010-07-30 11:20:48
  • megy87 2010-06-07 20:20:00
    @STIFFMEISTERGEANI tad me encanto , actua bien, canta bien, y es hermoso como su personaje en al peli
  • megy87 2010-06-07 20:18:58
    la recomiendo buenisima
  • Geani Stifler 2010-05-11 19:24:55
    Tad Hilgenbrink is the best stifler very well my brother
  • Jayley Woo Jiaqi 2010-04-29 21:18:48
    Tad Hilgenbrink is (L) no matter what character he plays! <3
  • joeysims 2010-04-09 17:54:50
    ..hehe - pretty cool :)
  • malgacho 2009-12-21 06:56:09
    Really good movie. I never been found of drag queens, but this movie educated me and gave me a new perspective.
  • Bananianiown 2009-12-03 22:53:58
    Ha, I love the drag queen! It's like I tell everyone I know- do NOT mess with a drag queen! They will kick your ass, and look fabulous while doing it.
  • Gabriel Fuentes 2009-10-20 22:04:07
  • Ryan William 2009-09-28 04:00:30
    does anyone know where i can watch this whole movie online for free? p.s does he end up getting with the neighbour? WAIT NO DONT TELL ME HAHAHA.
  • onibaka14 2009-09-10 02:39:14
    i saw that bitch!!!! lmao
  • mwanamke2 2009-08-17 21:16:01
    Just watched it,awesomely funny n Brett's striptease was fucking HAWT!!!
  • wackymee 2009-08-14 12:50:01
    he plays in american pie 4 band camp he is SOOO hilarious
  • LoveLyricalRideX 2009-07-13 06:50:40
    OMG! Where Can I Download This Full Movie, Give me a Link?
  • Khrisstyne L. 2009-06-13 20:07:21
    You can watch this movie on Blooregard page...comment and rate!!!
  • patdlover4eva 2009-03-16 20:32:59
    yea its awesome. and ok. try to finish it. for me :) lol no if you can
  • patdlover4eva 2009-03-16 12:33:02
    Thats awesome! send me it when you are finished. and lol ive never heard that saying, but sure lol
  • patdlover4eva 2009-03-16 02:17:20
    are you serious? i couldnt help but freak out when i read that comment! good for you :) isnt Tad really hott

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