The Curiosity of Chance (2006)

The Curiosity of Chance (2006)

Director Russell P. Marleau

Writer Russell P. Marleau

Genre Comedy

Year 2006

Actors Tad Hilgenbrink, Brett Chukerman, Aldevina Da Silva, Pieter Van Nieuwenhuyze

IMDB : 6.8 (2,320 votes)


Description A confident, out-of-the-closet gay teenager has the support of an eclectic range of friends while dealing with a homophobic bully during his first year at an international high school.


  • Rafael Santos 2017-02-23 16:32:57
    omg...the acting is terrible in this movie. Why are very few lgbt good movies ? :(
  • Elvis Antonio Gomez Daza 2016-07-09 21:55:20
    Tad i love you
  • Lou Cigna 2015-06-13 17:05:25
    Are people aware that Brett Chuckerman now claims he is NOT GAY? He is protecting a lucrative new job selling on HSN.  He has sold his soul, and thrown gay people under the bus in exchange for a fat paycheck.
  • Cristina Orellana 2015-01-28 04:57:09
    where can I download this movie? Please, let me know!!
  • fernanfloor estrada leon 2014-07-23 03:07:44
    this is so much like the edge of seventeen........literally even use the same song
  • Guess who 2014-04-17 13:23:44
    Oh my gosh I thought this guy was ian Harding!!!!
  • Guess who 2014-04-17 13:18:39
    Ezra ♥♥
  • Michael Orton 2013-12-16 02:20:18
    I'm definitely going to be seeing this....
  • Shirie 2013-11-25 02:22:06
    you can find in on Netflix!
  • Isaac G 2013-09-26 13:23:28
    This is an absolutely amazing film! I highly recommend everyone to watch it :D
  • Христиан Данилович 2013-09-06 03:34:51
    I really love this movie... ""Guys and balls"" is also a great one .
  • erik karlsson 2013-08-10 18:04:30
    this movie is so lame. sorry but it is
  • juliahrc 2013-01-03 20:42:09
    does anyone know how to watch it with italian subs?
  • Fantazztik 2012-12-17 00:44:33
    Obsession by Animotion.
  • victoria rene 2012-10-24 02:56:50
    omg i love this movie! <3
  • xmysticrainfoxx 2012-10-20 22:29:41
    i realy want to watch this movie so bad! :3
  • Brennan Storm 2012-09-03 17:53:59
    does anyone know where to watch this FOR FREE? No downloads, no surveys, just free?
  • luck belis 2012-09-03 17:16:12
    LOOL this is my school in it wtf o: in Belguim called pts
  • SuperAznStalker 2012-07-26 19:49:14
    >.< Yay I must watch this now!!!
  • smckenzie3245 2012-06-25 03:24:12
    its on netflix if you have an account

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