Cul de sac (2010)


Director Ramin Goudarzi Nejad, Mahshad Afshar

Writer Mahshad Afshar, Ramin Goudarzi Nejad

Genre Drama

Year 2010

Actors Mahshad Afshar, Ala Amirshahi, Kiana Firouz


Description Kiana, an Iranian lesbian who had left Iran to avoid getting arrested, tries to start a new life in the UK, but her application is turned down by the Home office. She has nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.


  • TheBlankpaiges 2014-04-06 07:06:53
    Where can I rent/buy/view this movie?
  • луна боори 2013-02-28 08:11:54
    ino migoftam :l
  • Gpalmer16 2012-11-12 04:49:56
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