Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

Director Anthony Russo, Joe Russo

Writer Christopher Markus (screenplay), Stephen McFeely (screenplay), Joe Simon (based on the Marvel comic by), Jack Kirby (based on the Marvel comic by)

Genre Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Year 2014

Actors Chris Evans, Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johansson, Robert Redford

IMDB : 7.8 (521,957 votes)


Description As Steve Rogers struggles to embrace his role in the modern world, he teams up with a fellow Avenger and S.H.I.E.L.D agent, Black Widow, to battle a new threat from history: an assassin known as the Winter Soldier.


  • Monica Krump 2017-03-11 23:20:11
    When you start to watch every single trailer for all the Marvel movies...
  • Jordan Bagshaw 2017-03-09 04:16:24
    Still ship black widow and cap till this day. I'm not sure if they've ever been together in the comics. But it's something I can see happening. They have amazing chemistry. But yet we get cap and irrelevant 13 who has no chemistry together at all. Civil war is plain proof. It was just awkward and weird and so forced. And we have black widow and hulk which I kinda understand but still no chemistry. But black widow and cap would be such An amazing pairing, they're so different wit their beliefs and background but can find common ground if they want and they have amazing chemistry. It will probably never happen but I would love to see how far they can go together... (sighs) if only
  • Konara Kusumarathne 2017-03-08 15:20:09
    Guys, Marvel' s next generation superheroes are revealed in this movie in a small cameo. Check for the part where Cap, Falcon and Black Widow get's Sit well to a roof of a building. It'll blow your MIND!!!
  • Coco Maehler 2017-03-06 00:16:54
    "He's fast, strong, had a metal arm, he's Bucky Barnes"
  • Elise De La Serre 2017-03-04 21:42:02
    2:01 And I still got shivers after all this time
  • Kristopher Kimbrough 2017-03-01 01:10:23
    and I think this is th best marvel movie trailer ever made, great pacing and music
  • Kristopher Kimbrough 2017-03-01 01:09:37
    this was a great spy movie
  • Silvano Tromp 2017-02-27 09:00:12
    Hail Hydra
  • Lets Fangirl 2017-02-25 20:35:31
    Spoiler alert: It's Bucky.
  • Mr Raxicorniopholus 2017-02-23 19:44:50
    Sam: How do we know the good guys from the bad guys? Steve: If they're shooting at you their bad. Totally not giving a shit is what cap does best.
  • Bibicorn Xx 2017-02-22 20:45:16
    holy balls! I forgot how intense it was!
  • dominic labriola 2017-02-19 19:53:49
    The Russos are mad men. lol They are super over the top yet classy at the same time.
  • Vinny Gantar 2017-02-18 19:29:39
    1:43, BADASS AF!
  • Wendy Wirawan 2017-02-17 08:14:44
    Not a very good trailer for a great movie :(
  • lucas palestra 2017-02-14 17:42:15
  • Emre Aksehirli 2017-02-13 17:48:41
    This trailer I think is better than the other trailer and the film was amazing Way better than civil war.
  • Char 2017-02-12 14:32:01
    My top 5 Marvel movies 1 Captain America The Winter Soldier 2 Avengers Assemble 3 Captain America Civil War 4 Guardians of the Galaxy 5 Deadpool
  • Gaby G. 2017-02-12 05:03:49
    cuz of Bucky, there´s no more Hydra cuz of Bucky, there´s no more Shield cuz of Bucky, there´s no more Avengers Someone need to tell Thanos... Steve´s a very protective friend (of Bucky not Tony)
  • LegoDude2011 2017-02-09 11:17:54
    trailer music?
  • Stephen McGarry 2017-02-04 08:10:02
    Where in captain america comic book he would enters a office and destroys office buildings to stop criminal

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