Campaign of Hate: Russia and Gay Propaganda (2014)

Campaign of Hate: Russia and Gay Propaganda (2014)

Director Michael Lucas, Scott Stern

Writer Scott Stern

Genre Documentary, News

Year 2014

Actors Michael Lucas

IMDB : 7.2 (31 votes)


Description As most of the world moves forward toward gay equality, Russia is seemingly heading backward. Antigay sentiment and legislation are spreading rapidly throughout the country. In 2013, the Russian parliament passed a ban on so-called 'gay propaganda' that effectively makes nearly any public discussion of gay equality a crime. It is my hope that this documentary will educate viewers to their reality.


  • perfectsplit 2014-06-23 01:22:16
    Kudos to Vladimir Putin.  A great public servant who protects the public welfare.
  • GhostKnowsAll 2014-06-16 20:23:35
    "So they think that telling about such people to their children is humiliating, harmful and dangerous." Oh the fucking irony! You know what "They" also think is harmful and dangerous to tell children about? Sex, doesn't matter between who it is, in general parents don't tell their children about Sex, they know for a fact their children will grow up and stumble onto that information on their own, just like homosexuals. By telling them about homosexuals, you are hypnotizing a kid into believing that, this is the way to go in life, because a child's brain is like a sponge. Good parents won't hypnotize their kids with this bullshit, they won't even talk to them about this. That's why homosexual propaganda, just like any propaganda is forbidden, so children can stumble upon this information on their own and make up their own minds about all of this when they are older. Also, to come back to that quote, it's funny to me how this "Supporter" is categorizing people: "So 'THEY' think that telling about 'SUCH'..."  Oh wow, the irony. Here's the thing, a lot of people are bitching about the law that Putin has made, which forbids Gay propaganda, not Gay people! Gay people can still work, get paid the same amount, hold hands, make out, etc... Let me explain how laws work, if a law has been forwarded that means it was forwarded not because The President wants so, it's because the people support this law fully. If the majority of people did not support this law, it simply wouldn't exist, doesn't matter if you're the president. And see, there's only one argument Gay people can put up: "Freedom of Speech" well, let me turn that around on you, it's also people's freedom of speech to NOT want to see Gay Parades, it's their right to NOT want to see Gay Propaganda, it's their FREEDOM OF SPEECH. So if you don't like something, you can throw a 1000 campaigns, 100 of rebellions, anything you want. At the end of the world, the people have spoken, they DON'T want Gay Propaganda in Russia and that is a simple fact. And this bullshit about Russians being mean to Gay people, beating them up and shit, yes, it is true. But they also, conveniently leave out all the instances that a good majority of Russian people don't give a shit if you're Gay, just like me. Why do they leave out this important detail? Because they want to seem like they are correct and they want to convince you, dear viewer that they are correct, which is a steaming pile of bullshit.
  • René de Vries 2014-06-13 07:59:58
    Don't russians recall the discrimination against their people that took place during the second world war? This is the same as they are doing now towards gay people. Please educate yourself. Being gay is not the same as being a pedofile. Did you want to be discriminated against by the Hitler regime? No! Just as you didn't choose to be russian, you were just born there, gay people didn't choose to be gay, they just are. There is no cure for it, it's not a desease. Thus, even if there is no gay propaganda there still will be gay people. Your hate against gay people is thus pointless and only shows how undevelopped your country is. You might just be hurting your own kids which might have gay feelings but do not dare talk about it with you and get depressed because of that or get married with the opposite sex but have extramarrital affairs and that's no better. I would have loved to go to russia once but I'm boycotting anything russian just because of this and because of the situation in the Krim. But I do want to point out that I don't believe all russians are like this and I was glad to see that conchita wurst got points from russia.
  • Apox 2014-06-03 20:26:40
    i dont need to be religious to tell that all these "support gays" agenda is annoying as hell. annoys me more than "support the troops". and this is all financed by tax money. now get angry !
  • Apox 2014-06-03 20:02:38
    more like propaganda and campaign of hate against russia, while the good arab "allies" hang all of you.
  • vmpub 2014-06-01 00:25:34
    Don't worry, guys. This gay madness will no last long. Today I took my daughter to a playground in one of the large cities in one of the western gay friendly countries. Out of 15 kids only 2 (including my daughter) were white. The rest were kids of asian immigrants. And my family are immigrants, too. Meanwhile white local folks fight for gay rights. Funny. The western society is weak. Their women don't have kids, they have different values in life. In short 20-30 years the West is going to be inherited by asians. Meanwhile gays can enjoy their ridiculous pride parades. You have so much to be proud of...
  • Dadiro 2014-05-28 11:06:55
    maybe if other countries had as beautiful girls as russian girls, there would be no "gay" or somethin
  • Emmy Charles 2014-05-13 18:56:21
    Kill all gays !!!!!!!!!! they'll must die !
  • claudio ortiz 2014-04-27 16:54:04
    this jew, anti-palestinian, porn, neocon director is the best the West can get to discredit Putin and Russia? this movie is just in time with Ukraine crisis! come on boys, nobody believe this disguised propaganda as true!
  • vmpub 2014-04-18 22:48:30
    You don't like Russian traditional values - get the fuck out of Russia. No one in Russia is interested in your ridiculous gay agenda.
  • PDIcomics 2014-04-16 02:03:30
    Fucking Jews are pushing the gay agenda here in America to corrupt the gentile youth. I wish America had law like Russia. It is now the opposite here.
  • LokyNoKey 2014-04-15 12:51:05
    And I thought that Western society needs to advance.
  • Speavy Pirat 2014-04-02 03:51:28
    Милонов, позорище Российское, кто тебе дал право решать что мерзко, а что нет? Я вот твою физиономию мерзкой считаю - давайте теперь запретим тебя как пропаганду уродства.
  • Leopold Sorres 2014-03-19 17:09:17
    Милонову и Мизулиной уже давно ставят прогулы в психушке.
  • Kate Heather 2014-03-03 07:22:46
    Die Gay Jew Gessen in the oven
  • galvez rodolfo 2014-02-22 21:37:36
    NO !! Toda La homosexualidad ,como piensa un cierto grupo de eterosexualidad ,es justo pornografia.......y practicas sexuales "asquerosas y aberrantes"...como algunos "productores de filmes pornos" dan a entender al publico...y al mirar una persona eterosexual ,alguno de esos filmes ,seguro que piensan que toda la comunidad homosexual practica lo mismo....siendo que la comunidad homosexual ,puede estar junta ,pero no rebuelta.
  • Quindecillion 2014-02-20 14:54:50
    Why can't people live with peace? Why are homosexuals so hated in such countries? The apologists for the Russian government would say that gay people are treated like everyone else there, but then why do the majority of the people hate them? That is not logical. Being gay is natural and normal if you are gay !
  • MilaTi 2014-02-19 22:26:28
    Можно только сказать: "Спасибо" и "Браво". За смелость и качественную работу. Вы - один из тех людей, кто, без сомнения, имеет право говорить об этой проблеме. И чисто по-человечески хочется дожить до того момента, когда люди будут адекватно реагировать на то, что все мы - разные и все мы имеем право на любовь.
  • Jim Feig 2014-02-14 04:58:56
    I think the anti Putin part at the end comes off as anti Russia which many Russians including gay ones might find insulting. I like the personal interviews and the way they are presented.
  • Наталья Полякова 2014-02-11 22:08:01
    Плачу. Весь мир открыт для гомосексуалистов, однополые браки разрешены во всех странах, только злая и варварская Россия не дает им спокойно жить. И все равно не хватает целого мира минус Россия, столько сопереживающих, что диву даешься. Других бед в мире нет, кроме как угнетаемые Россией гомосексуалисты. Оставьте свой бред воспаленного разума, в России никто их не притесняет, после отмены статьи за мужеложство всем было параллельно на геев. Живут себе как хотят и ладно. Но этого оказалось мало. Нам подавай возможность завлекать в свою армию подростков с несформированным мировоззрением и психикой. Оставьте софистику. Запрещена только пропаганда среди НЕСОВЕРШЕННОЛЕТНИХ. Вырастут - сами решат. Кто попробует моему ребенку дать сексуальное просвещение любого характера - мне и запрещающего закона не надо. Родите своих и воспитывайте. А пока я несу ответственность перед законом за ребенка - я решаю как его воспитывать, а не люди, от которых я ни малейшей пользы для растущего поколения не вижу, одни только вопли о притеснениях "себя любимого, никем не понятого".

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