Butch Jamie (2007)

Butch Jamie (2007)

Director Michelle Ehlen

Writer Michelle Ehlen

Genre Comedy, Romance

Year 2007

Actors Michelle Ehlen, Olivia Nix, Tiffany Anne Carrin, David Au

IMDB : 4.5 (126 votes)


Description Jamie Klein is an out-of-work butch lesbian actor willing to try almost anything for a role. Not being a traditionally feminine woman, Jamie dresses up for auditions as "Femme Jamie," but has no success in landing roles. To add insult to injury, her roommate Lola's cat (named Howard) is also an actor, and he gets cast in virtually anything he auditions for. After watching Howard's acting reel, Jamie is ready to rise to the challenge and prove to herself that she can be more successful than a stupid cat. Jamie's best friend David convinces her that the way to do this is to simply be yourself, which in Jamie's case, is what she refers to as "Butch Jamie" -- short hair spiked up with gel, Doc Martin boots, a studded belt, and a neck chain. This unintentionally tips Jamie's perceived gender in the opposite direction, and she gets offered a role in a film as a man - Steve. Offended by the reality that there is little room for butch women in show biz, Jamie is reluctant to take the role, but accepts. Under the producer's requests, she is bound to confidentiality as Male Jamie and cannot reveal her true identity as a woman. On set, Jamie confronts a whole new set of hoops to jump through as a male imposter. "He" meets a flirtatious and alluring straight woman named Jill, and despite Jamie's better judgement, the two begin a hilariously complicated and sexy affair.


  • kix4fun 2010-12-21 08:17:07
    @Dtownmn Agreed.
  • luredanimal 2010-03-28 07:17:33
    wow just saw this! i wanna know the song at the end!!? lol
  • Skin Care & Other Discussions 2009-12-08 08:10:06
  • Princess Megabyte 2009-01-25 12:33:54
    was so funny when she pretends to be a guy and says to that man "i banged her" and he says cool LMAO.
  • Princess Megabyte 2008-12-30 15:14:24
    I just saw this movie its so funny and romantic,Jamie made me laugh when she took her room mates cat to an audition,U gotta see it girls!
  • Cassandra Lee 2008-12-23 06:08:03
    I am SO gonna buy this movie when I get paid!
  • Cassandra Lee 2008-12-23 06:06:18
    Butch Jamie is a hottie!;)
  • Crystal Williams 2008-11-20 07:44:02
    haha i saw this in my wolfe video catalog i got the other day and i thought i might like it, but now I really wanna see this movie! hilarious!
  • Cassandra Lee 2008-11-07 23:41:38
    lol looks awesomely hilarious!
  • Juan Ortiz 2008-11-02 22:54:41
    play girl why are u sleping? tomorow's world, hey play gilr, play girld why are u dancing, u could be alone, hey play gilr...
  • IIChenzel 2008-10-23 20:28:39
    I think it looks funny.
  • Brennan Bourne 2008-10-22 05:02:42
    "You been working out lately?" "Oh yeah...you know." haha

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