Buddies (1985)

Buddies (1985)

Director Arthur J. Bressan Jr.

Writer Arthur J. Bressan Jr.

Genre Drama

Year 1985

Actors Geoff Edholm, Damon Hairston, Joyce Korn, Billy Lux

IMDB : 8.2 (44 votes)


Description This is a drama about a person with AIDS. It is the first American film to dramatize the subject. The story is about friendship and love, but it also presents the facts about AIDS known at ...


  • Politikz 2017-03-14 07:50:25
    Did this guy actually beat the crap outta Ivan Drago AND Mr. T?
  • Hsh Hs 2017-03-13 04:09:49
    is that mask I'm just wondering
  • J Hyphy 2017-03-06 04:06:38
    I like the scene where the first guy who got his locker combo is trying to open it but he can't then rocky tells him it and it opens, nothing really monumentally important but for some reason that scene stuck with after all these years
  • PokeDexEr 2017-03-05 00:30:38
    I liked this movie
  • Luis Rocha 2017-03-02 05:59:30
    don't take shit about. him
  • Lloyd Nix 2017-02-23 16:59:05
    2:13 They nailed that Southern desk teacher ascetic, "I don't care what you look like, I just need to get my job done."
  • Gun_Damn_IT 2017-02-16 17:32:46
    0:33 mask: hey look it's archie and his gang!
  • Bovahlls BeamNG 2017-02-15 01:48:57
    This is a kid I'd want to be friends with...
  • GARRY HIXON 2017-02-14 19:41:52
  • John Murray 2017-02-11 17:39:04
    mw two
  • xX-TAZ-Xx 2017-01-23 21:56:29
    0:43 moan?
  • zigga ziggaa 2017-01-10 08:51:39
    Christian Anderson same lol
  • Petroshock Pictures 2017-01-04 05:03:37
    How the fuck are they in Grade 9? They look like seniors for god's sake.
  • zoz0boy 2017-01-03 23:16:24
    This guy is a badass.
  • Tony anthony 2016-12-16 22:56:46
    does he ever get his face fix??
  • Natalie Portman on Delray Beach 2016-12-14 16:06:56
    wow, thanks alot for posting this.
  • jane5666cn 2016-12-09 09:16:18
  • john dong 2016-12-02 04:28:41
    Snake from Stewardess School!
  • Fruit Town Crip 2016-11-29 20:18:04
    the teacher was like damn Nigga you ugly
  • HiveDes 2016-11-22 17:36:58

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