Boys in the Sand (1971)


Director Wakefield Poole

Writer Wakefield Poole

Genre Adult

Year 1971

Actors Calvin Culver, Peter Schneckenburger, Danny Di Cioccio, Tommy Moore

IMDB : 7.4 (87 votes)



  • Miura Mike 2015-11-26 08:20:05
    The movie was released in theaters in December 1971, and it was a huge success in NYC & most large cities in the US. Even some celebrities went to see it. My gay uncle, who was 18 & living in NYC in '71 went to see it. Even now he talks about being a naïve kid from a farm in Minnesota, it was his first year at college in the big city, and going with his first boyfriend to see it in a movie theater and being in a state of shock seeing actual gay sex onscreen! I've always wanted to know who did the music in the film, especially the rock song that plays while Casey Donovan swims laps in the pool & runs on the beach with an afghan hound. The artist & song are not listed in the credits on the dvd I have. One of the reasons this film did so well was because of the music & the excellent cinematography. It was more art than hardcore sex  with extreme close-ups.
  • Antajuan Grady 2015-08-06 20:27:35
    as a gay person who loves gay porn, that looks FANTASTIC. Its from 1971 right?

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