Boyfriends (1996)

Boyfriends (1996)

Director Tom Hunsinger, Neil Hunter

Writer Neil Hunter, Tom Hunsinger

Genre Comedy

Year 1996

Actors James Dreyfus, Mark Sands, Andrew Ableson, Michael Urwin

IMDB : 5.8 (375 votes)


Description Paul, Matt, and Will (in their 30s) have been friends for years. They converge at the seaside for the weekend, each with a boyfriend in tow. Paul is with Ben, his companion of five years: ...


  • Furqan Haq 2016-08-29 08:19:59
    Inspired by Bollywood movie "DARR"
  • Anjelica Morgan 2016-08-27 04:09:55
    the soundtrack is awesome.
  • droidxgamerx 2016-08-20 19:58:20
    man where can I find this on DVD
  • Srinjoy Bhattacharya 2016-08-20 04:16:29
    It is a copy of Bollywood movie Darr. Shahrukh khan did a PHENOMENAL JOB!!! The Forest fight scene and the scene where he writes his name on his chest are both scene to scene copies. The basic plot after the 1st quarter or so is completely taken from the 1993 blockbuster
  • MrFlipperInvader782 2016-08-01 03:53:03
    could've used more appropriate music
  • Mustbrushhair KC 2016-07-29 02:28:39
    Shit trailer for good movie
  • Aqua Havel 2016-07-26 07:40:48
    Just ONE of my all-time favourite movies... Lmao
  • NaturerocksXD 2016-07-22 20:38:04
    Yandere alert XD
  • Keith Witcher 2016-07-20 20:44:03
    Fear is a good movie and I like Mark Wahlberg. He was crazy hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.
  • Te B 2016-07-11 10:31:45
    I feel so bad for having a crush on him
  • TheGarfieldxx30000 2016-06-24 15:52:03
    I love this movie.
  • SiarraRayne 2016-06-19 16:48:49
    He reminds me of my ex lmao
  • Daisia Cordoba 2016-06-11 04:51:12
    I would love for him to stalk me lolol
  • Alicia Dahl 2016-06-10 21:41:26
    I love this movie
  • Roberta thaillo Cardoso 2016-06-08 19:26:28
    filme otimo
  • GANESH PATIL 2016-05-15 10:17:54
    copied frm indian movie darr(1993)
  • Jasmine Herrick 2016-05-02 08:01:56
    ive always been in love with this movie .. marky mark makes a sexy psycho boyfriend and reese is always gorgeous ♡ they were the perfect match up for this film. cant believe this movie came out in 96 ...20 years ago wow.
  • Alyssa BTS I Love Jimin I love all of them 2016-04-28 04:53:32
    Mark welberg looks so HOT in this movie
  • Megan Jonathan 2016-04-24 01:50:07
    Omg why does he have to be so attractive I'm so ashamed that I like him
  • KHD 2016-04-10 22:12:15
    copid darr 1993

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