Boyfriends (1996)

Boyfriends (1996)

Director Tom Hunsinger, Neil Hunter

Writer Neil Hunter, Tom Hunsinger

Genre Comedy

Year 1996

Actors James Dreyfus, Mark Sands, Andrew Ableson, Michael Urwin

IMDB : 5.8 (375 votes)


Description Paul, Matt, and Will (in their 30s) have been friends for years. They converge at the seaside for the weekend, each with a boyfriend in tow. Paul is with Ben, his companion of five years: ...


  • Ava Liles 2017-03-11 06:08:28
    I have already seen this movie. BUT I LIKE IT
  • my name is my name 2017-02-22 05:04:37
    I don't care if he's crazy I'll still fuck him
  • gil almanza 2017-02-18 04:12:52
    This is what i feel like when every girl rejected me
  • Neon. 2017-02-11 08:41:40
    I was very upset over what they did to the dog
  • Meghann Hughes 2017-01-23 20:42:28
  • M. Leighton 2017-01-19 02:33:28
    He's so gorgeous
  • Alyana Drua 2017-01-17 12:18:15
    Reese Witherspoon literally didn't age
  • Brendan 2017-01-07 15:20:14
    More R rated teen movies then .
  • Bryonna Patton 2017-01-02 01:11:08
    Young mark walhberg is hot
  • Felicia 2016-12-19 07:57:01
    Young mark wahlberg is so damn fine
  • Miss Haley 2016-12-10 06:04:15
    I had something similar happen to me and it's scary af. I haven't seen the movie but from what I can tell is that it's relatable
  • THEWORLDISWATCHING 2016-12-05 06:49:56
    Reese is the cutest
  • Usman KING 2016-11-06 17:23:20
    It's a Remake of BOLLYWOOD movie Darr
  • David Judd 2016-10-22 19:22:07
    What track is used in the trailer towards the end?
  • ( ͡ʘ╭͜ʖ╮͡ʘ) 2016-10-13 18:39:55
    whats the song at around 0:49
  • Nicole Pozo Pérez 2016-09-28 16:24:09
    Where i can find this movie? :(
  • Bella Pepper 2016-09-24 23:09:12
    Does anyone know the song around :46?
  • Maria Pedroza 2016-09-24 20:49:10
    Scary phsycotic ass dude.If in reality theirs ppl like this god pls get them the far far the fuck away from Me & my FAM!!!
  • Ash Oat 2016-09-01 02:11:05
    Suspense trailer starts off with "Jerry Maguire" soulful acoustic then suddenly jumps to "Hackers" tech metal. So weird. So 90s.
  • manish verma 2016-08-30 08:13:28
    orignal one bollywood movie darr is far better than this is copied

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