Bomgay (1996)


Director Riyad Vinci Wadia

Genre Documentary, Short

Year 1996

Actors Rahul Bose, Kushal Punjabi, Tarun Shahani, R. Raj Rao

IMDB : 7.2 (26 votes)


Description Based on the gay poetry of R. Raj Rao, "BOMGaY" is a collection of six vignettes that depict the underground and twisted nature of the gay identity in urban India. Part Genet, part Bollywood this film combines acidic verse and insightful imagery to reveal the emerging gay community in post-liberalized India of the 1990's.


  • Satu Hassi 2012-05-13 16:55:09
    yasirm8 chaall chupa laga tu b Gando hai kya??
  • Venjita Khan 2011-10-14 21:03:12
    mmmm this scene is so hot. but too bad the kiss was apparently fake.
  • Love is Life 2011-09-12 00:03:56
    bhagwaan ye tu nay kya kia
  • Love is Life 2011-09-11 22:48:39
    raam raam
  • Love is Life 2011-09-09 19:41:24
    yes bilkul

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