Such Good People (2014)

Such Good People (2014)

Director Stewart Wade

Writer David Michael Barrett (screenplay), David Michael Barrett (story), Greg Sterling (story)

Genre Comedy, Mystery

Year 2014

Actors Michael Urie, Randy Harrison, James Urbaniak, Scott Wolf

IMDB : 4.6 (301 votes)


Description A young gay couple discovers a secret room filled with cash while house-sitting for a rich couple who die while out of the country.


  • JordanjamesX 2017-02-05 08:03:49
    It is a bit sad the movie did not get more press I prefer gay movies like this one it is a mystery comedy right gay characters. Instead of the boring coming out stories where being gay is incidental to the plot. Gay movies need to move in this direction.
  • JordanjamesX 2017-02-05 02:45:07
    Randy Harrison and Michael Urie are hilarious together
  • Laura Lynn 2017-01-23 02:14:29
    Has this come out? Is it on Netflix?
  • Wolfsbane Funken 2017-01-02 00:09:44
    randy and will and rj omfg !!!!!
  • Sam Tobosque 2016-12-05 19:20:16
    Ana Ortiz and justiiin baes
  • Sasha Airesse 2016-12-02 00:26:01
  • Ismael Moraes 2016-11-27 15:23:18
    Justin for ever
  • Shina93 2016-11-23 00:42:13
    Justin, there you are!
  • Jafet Vargas 2016-11-13 00:12:34
    Justin is gorgeous
  • quratulain aurangzain 2016-11-02 23:15:11
    i will only see this movie because of randy harrision
  • ahmad mushaffa 2016-09-27 11:46:54
    omg. Justin, Will and RJ
  • Mike Devine 2016-08-19 01:17:09
    Carrie Wiita is such a cutie
  • Ryan Yap Cheng Nam 2016-07-11 18:30:22
    OMFG WILL AND RJ !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Jade Valentina Luna 2016-07-03 01:15:05
    I did not know woh was still acting Randy Harrison, siempre el Mejor, Justin en QAF,
  • Elizabeth Juarez 2016-06-18 06:26:16
    Are Will and RJ actually in the movie because I didn't see them
  • McGiraffeHunter 2016-04-23 11:29:49
    Is it me, or is like, a load of cast members from Ugly Betty are in this movie?
  • Henry Goop Taylor 2016-04-18 03:32:18
    ugly betty meets queer as folk :0
  • gipio76 2016-03-29 12:38:58
    OMG Michael Urie, Ana Ortiz and Randy together!! Alec mapa <3
  • Leonie Fritz 2016-01-20 20:31:25
    omg Will and RJ
  • SheLovesdogs4ever 2015-10-20 22:11:35
    OMG! Randy <33 I have to watch this movie! Was the movie in the cinema yet? (I come from Germany and wanna look what my chance is, to look it here in the cinema too :D) I just saw the movie Trailer from 'Kiss Me Kill Me' with Gale Harold *-* (He also plays a gay man like Randy in this movie..soo hmm..they should play in a movie a gay couple together! I don't know..maybe in a QAF movie? :D I know the chance is zero...but a Fan can hope:D)

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