Blackbird (2014)

Blackbird (2014)

Director Patrik-Ian Polk

Writer Rikki Beadle Blair, Patrik-Ian Polk

Genre Drama

Year 2014

Actors Mo'Nique, Julian Walker, Kevin Allesee, Isaiah Washington

IMDB : 5.6 (692 votes)


Description A young singer struggles with his sexuality and the treatment of others while coming of age in a small Southern Baptist community.


  • David Dye 2015-04-24 01:45:13
    I'm going to watching because of Mo'Nique! She is going to slay it.
  • Kevin Collings 2015-04-22 20:14:51
    praying to the wrong jesus that's the issue
  • Sarong Goddess 2015-04-21 15:55:33
    I hope this movie helps many "religious" people open their hearts & learn to TRULY FOLLOW Jesus' way which #1 was about loving & accepting EVERY ONE!!!!
  • jonwiley 2015-04-15 22:07:53
    How ironic is that Isaiah Washington is doing a black gay themed movie after his gay slur notoriously got him fired years ago from "Grey's Anatomy."
  • imknook 2015-04-14 01:50:47
    hope this is not another self hating movie like Noah's Arc.
  • modarXmodar 2015-04-10 08:36:34
    Do they have to put Jesus in everything?? ^-^ Anyway I'm gonna watch this only for Mo'Nique.... Adore this actress.
  • homieblossom 2015-04-06 16:41:44
    another oscar for monique
  • 4THMILLENNIUM Q8 2015-03-22 13:14:35
    finally Mo'Nique is back 
  • Poku Jonathan 2015-03-13 12:38:12
    this look really good ...;love it 

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