Blackbird (2014)

Blackbird (2014)

Director Patrik-Ian Polk

Writer Rikki Beadle Blair, Patrik-Ian Polk

Genre Drama

Year 2014

Actors Mo'Nique, Julian Walker, Kevin Allesee, Isaiah Washington

IMDB : 5.6 (692 votes)


Description A young singer struggles with his sexuality and the treatment of others while coming of age in a small Southern Baptist community.


  • James Valt 2015-09-25 04:36:53
    I can't stand it man, we have one of the biggest if not the biggest gay population. Gay men and women are at or family cook outs, reunions, weddings, church's and even married to our straight best friends. Yet, black folks will still spew the hateful shit, we ain't shit.
  • volleyball nerd 2015-09-24 02:42:14
    this movie is fricking amazing, loved it so much
  • kenny2439 2015-09-19 10:45:05
    this made me cry :-( I wanna see it but I know my rents would freek
  • uniqueunique28 2015-09-14 16:26:23
    Whew the beginning lol didn't expect that I just started watching this
  • MoldedUniquely 2015-09-10 07:02:08
    Great movie! I gave it 5 stars
  • Harmony DeDe 2015-09-08 15:12:21
    Love this movie very very good now I need the soundtrack or songs to download
  • Christina Renee 2015-09-07 23:34:07
    I just watched this movie on Netflix and I've never been so confused in my life! Can someone explain
  • Lightningshock12 2015-09-06 07:22:17
    That was actually a really great movie. I think you have to really perceptive of the symbolism and spiritual undertones in the movie to truly understand the power behind it and thoroughly enjoy it. It's so profound. Even the title itself. And the acting was superb. This was an awesome movie. A+
  • AMGaming99 2015-08-22 15:24:19
    This movie got me fucked up... Watching this with my mom and right at the begining scene, two men start kissing like wtf... I aint come for this. After that, I fucking stopped watching that shit smh. Thats str8 bs smh
  • Joseph 2015-08-21 19:02:14
    Why isn't this on UK iTunes?!
  • Leoken LeSkyy 2015-08-20 22:18:36
    wow fuck you movie
  • Jermaine Parker 2015-08-14 12:54:02
  • MadGunner00123 O_o 2015-08-12 07:55:09
    cant watch this ,looks like it have dudes sex scenes and that is disgusting to see , i couldnt finish a meal cuze of this trailer!! what i f i watched the hole movie?!! i wouldnt eat for a month .
  • FIREzPHOENIX1612 2015-08-10 12:39:41
    whats up with the Jesus movies these days???
  • Austin Funk 2015-08-06 22:10:40
    Being gay seems easier than being straight
  • ViXenBeats 2015-08-06 05:26:41
    "If you are gay, you're going to hell. If you've had premarital sex, you're going to hell. If you ever taken birth control pills, or worn a condom, you're going to hell. If you're a married woman that has given your own husband a blowjob, you're gong to hell. If you're a married man that has had anal sex with your own wife, you're going to hell. Basically, if you are a flawed person that hasn't lived a PERFECT LIFE, you are going to hell." Now that we've gotten that out of the way... this movie looks good, and I can't wait to see it and anyone that has a problem with it can go straight to hell:-)
  • Kenyon Guillory 2015-08-05 21:35:16
    Better than I thought it would be. It is worth watching.
  • Mel Johnson 2015-08-03 13:26:02
    dumbest movie i've ever seen
  • Tick tock 2015-08-03 07:36:27
    That ending was everything I needed in a film yes god I loved it an I'm watching it again
  • Temporicide 2015-07-31 20:39:34
    Another "nigger" taken by hollywood.....  (Homosexuality)

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