Bishonen (1998)

Bishonen (1998)

Director Yonfan

Writer Yonfan

Genre Drama, Romance

Year 1998

Actors Stephen Fung, Daniel Wu, Qi Shu, Terence Yin

IMDB : 6.8 (690 votes)


Description Jet is the star gigolo in Hong Kong. Arrogant, sexy, everyone falls in love with him, but he falls in love with no one... until one day he meets Sam, the hunkiest policeman to ever pound a ...


  • maiyea lee 2008-11-11 03:18:23
    WHY!! WHY!!! WHY!!!! WHY!!!
  • Redmadchick 2008-10-10 18:15:40
    I wanna have 'em +.+ !! sou sexy !
  • Sophy Tan 2008-08-12 19:01:36
    song = poison??
  • YaoiYaoiYeah 2008-02-13 03:20:54
    I love Stephen and I want to see this movie, but I want to know if it has a sad ending first. (I'm not good at dealing with sad endings anymore -.-;) Can anyone tell me how the movie ended? If you don't want to spoil it for the others you can PM me...
  • lerr smith 2008-02-08 06:52:45
  • Mondee Sanidad 2008-02-05 02:47:19
    really? what a real great actor! in my country in the philippines there are also actors accepting gay roles. but theyre acting are not as true as Daniel Wu!
  • Lily Chan 2008-01-21 23:30:25
    Where did you get the info that Daniel Wu is married with two kids?. I only know that he is going out with some model called Lisa S or something.
  • saturn2fire 2008-01-15 03:51:05
    She was in it as a lesbian friend of Stephen Fung's character.
  • Mondee Sanidad 2008-01-14 09:11:52
    is daniel wu a gay!?
  • DEVILSERENE 2008-01-12 18:41:23
    sad story in the end dany dead.pity steph
  • Clover Schilling 2007-10-11 13:51:57
    HELL YES I love this song! ...and yaoi... ^///^ Oh! Poison, Nas ne Dagonyat - *great* music choices!
  • Clover Schilling 2007-10-11 13:49:10
    Poison - this particular version by Groove Coverage. And yeh, I love this song too.
  • RAYAN~ 2007-09-09 13:53:49
    u can download this great movie on net by Torrent .. thanx 4 da vid i love it :)
  • SolitudeVolante 2007-08-17 18:06:08
    whre can I buy that movie? I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED TO SEE IT!
  • sayuri84uk 2007-07-27 18:20:51
    Does anyone know the name of the first song on this video and who sings it?
  • Miriel Jun 2007-05-22 18:46:44
    very good este video es bellisimo y hace mmuchoq buscaba esta peli mil graciasesta re kawaii

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