Bent Out of Shape (1995)


Director Orla Walsh

Writer Orla Walsh

Genre Drama, Short

Year 1995

Actors Paul Batt, Dawn Bradfield, Karl Byrne, Siobhan Carmody


Description Danny, a gay punk, makes friends with a young bullied boy Stephen but their friendship has consequences ...


  • MIN. D. 2016-03-27 07:58:18
    Oh, God! Please get permission or something! I want to hear the rest of this. I am not an agent of any kind, but I don't understand why ministers, pastors, and evangelists will not allow the world to hear the "whole" message. Please take no offense. You NEVER know who is listening that God might use as miracle for you.
  • Gabriel Maxey 2015-05-07 20:25:26
    @brotharollins can you post the rest of the video?
  • Dr. Kenneth M. Young 2015-05-02 02:01:34
    @PastorChrisWimberly thanks for that word you brought. Awesome bro.....

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