Before the Bat's Flight Is Done (1989)

Before the Bat's Flight Is Done (1989)

Director Péter Tímár

Writer Péter Tímár

Genre Drama, Thriller

Year 1989

Actors Gábor Máté, Róbert Csontos, Erika Bodnár, Erzsi Máthé

IMDB : 6.9 (152 votes)


Description How far can one person go when love becomes obsession?


  • Shin Laine 2017-03-15 08:04:30
    Why do we fall?
  • Filipe Lourenco 2017-03-10 14:25:55
    anyone knows the name of the last music in the video 12:00, thanks
  • hollycamolly 2017-02-27 10:16:27
    11:33 where can we find this version of gothams reckoning? i really need to listen to a full clean version of it! :O
  • RandomJoker13 2017-02-24 01:21:09
    you mean to tell me that all that sexiness underneath tom hardy's bane....WAS TOM HARDY HIMSELF?!!!! @[email protected] how the heck did he get that huge in the first place? O_o
  • Shamshad Bibi 2017-02-21 22:53:01
    Arguably the best trilogy ever made, ever...
  • Melonie Jen 2017-02-20 07:19:51
    I had to watch this twice that's how amazing this shit is.
  • Rakshit Singh 2017-02-18 08:57:06
    who can dislike this video!!!!!!
  • Harambe 2017-02-17 09:10:36
    10:43 i guess trump makes a little cameo too
  • Just Blaze 2017-02-15 07:23:28
    I wish Nolan would direct Affleck's upcoming Batman movie
  • Harish Singh 2017-02-14 20:19:20
    awesome movie.
  • GUT_GAMING _815 2017-02-13 13:27:40
    If only Marvel's movies can catch up
  • Austin Black 2017-02-12 14:48:34
    Hardy's performance was so intimidating, but looking at him giggle "That's batman!" is just so funny.
  • Danny D 2017-02-12 03:22:01
    I wish this had been better
  • HDMonkey_ 2017-02-11 15:34:01
    after watching batman v superman, i miss the batman trilogy even more #bale
  • Russ 2017-02-07 00:08:42
    A movie still referenced to this day in early. 2017. DC will never be close to this good again. As they stand now they wont even be acceptable actually.
  • E Mann 2017-02-06 22:21:48
    Isn't Tom Hardy like 5 feet tall?
  • Im illiteratez lol 2017-02-05 22:41:12
    I always used to laugh during these films cause Commissioner Gordon looks like Ned Flanders
  • Darth Vitiate 2017-02-05 18:03:53
    This was the last great batman movie before batman vs superman
  • Tish Smiddy 2017-02-05 01:00:40
    Many Thanks!Loved the actorsLoved the movie
  • HTSGaming 2017-02-04 07:07:59
    "I'm gothams reckoning" 5 star for that line

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