Beautiful Darling (2010)

Beautiful Darling (2010)

Director James Rasin

Writer James Rasin

Genre Documentary

Year 2010

Actors Candy Darling, Andy Warhol, Holly Woodlawn, Fran Lebowitz

IMDB : 7.4 (408 votes)


Description Candy Darling was a fixture in the New York Off-Broadway scene in the 60s, in Warhol films such as Women in Revolt and Flesh, and became a prominent personality in Warhol's circles, influencing such noted contemporary artists as Madonna, David Bowie and Lou Reed. This documentary will use a series of interviews, archival footage, and images from Candy's home in Massapequa, NY. Archival footage includes rare 25 year old interviews conducted by Jeremiah Newton with members of Warhol's Factory and Tennessee Williams. The film features interviews with colleagues, contemporaries and friends of Candy, including John Waters, Peter Beard, Holly Woodlawn, Bob Colacello, Geraldine Smith, Pat Hackett and Ron Delsener.


  • Susanna Severin 2016-11-21 11:32:52
    holy fuck how transphobic is Fran Lebowitz, she pisses me off, I hope she's educated her transphobic ass these last 6 years! Candy is a woman and always has been, easy as that!
  • The Summer Months 2016-06-29 20:47:22
    oh god that announcer pisses me off...
  • Ophelia 2016-04-14 01:05:46
    She IS a woman. She's THE Woman.
  • Desire_to_? 2016-03-20 12:42:18
    Candy is a woman! She's more girl than me and I'm a girl. You can see it by the way she moved and talked. Absolutely beautiful
  • Itzhak 2015-09-28 11:24:09
    Candy /was/ a little girl holy shit leave her alone and stop actually defaming her after she fucking died jfc
  • mosriteluv 2014-09-05 20:48:56
    Candy actually was a talented actress.  Check her out in Some of My Best Friends Are (1971).  She showed great comedic & dramatic talent in that film.  I am a fan.  God bless her.
  • pepetti bonardo 2013-09-21 13:21:28
    "She wanted to be Kim Novak" but she never was. Her only talent was to be a drag Q at the factory. The last phrase implied she wanted to have power for revenge. Fat chance CD you never reached that point.
  • popeye98765 2013-06-12 05:54:08
    the last sentence she says is why i have such a hard time relating to the TSs from the drag side. They can be so full of themselves.
  • BasenjiOwner 2012-12-30 10:39:41
  • jgjtsngh 2012-06-23 08:41:20
    OMG. she is GORGEOUS.
  • krisagui 2012-06-14 03:15:28
    I bought it too.. but i'm italian and unfortunatelly there arent subs nor italian neither eglish. I discovered Fran Lebowitz (or Lesbowitz...joke) in this movie, I like her but I obviously disagree with her opinion about transgender people. I suppose she's a feminist so it explains it all..but I notice she's respectful..she call candy a SHE not a know some feminists think that a woman is the result of what she lived in her life and a transsexual it's not a woman.
  • Kinga Kosinska 2012-05-11 20:48:26
    I need to watch it and i'm broke!Help anyone???!!!
  • krisagui 2012-05-05 18:22:23
    i meant "a man who will never be a woman". We're different, we're not biological females but togheter we can fight for us all!
  • krisagui 2012-05-05 18:20:34
    These radfeminist hadn't understand anything! I can be a feminist even being a male, and i can even be a woman. It's different to be raised and born a girl or a boy i don't have a doubt about it, but the difference doesn't make you a man you will never be a woman! Jayne County I LOVE said it well and you are sweet!
  • Merkwürdigliebe 2012-03-26 03:21:15
    Man she was stunning! You'd never notice she was Transexual if you met her for the first time.
  • Adrian Mills 2012-03-12 15:54:41
    God, that fucking BITCH at the beginning of the clip. You tell 'em, Jayne!
  • Montxo Luna 2012-01-13 04:38:46
    Candy came from out on the Island In the back room she was everybody's darlin' But she never lost her head Even when she was givin' head
  • Ryan West 2011-11-21 05:30:54
    Somehow I'm amazed by Candy because in the face of most transexuals you can usually still tell they're men underneath it all. But Candy was flawless and radiant and looked like the real deal, I think I'm in love. RIP.
  • tonlo72 2011-09-17 02:51:56
    Thank's hard these days but I try to teach tolerance & acceptance.
  • tonlo72 2011-09-11 00:31:59
    @annahrwth242 my feelings exactly, I have always told my 3 sons, I love you know matter what you are or what you do. I may not like what you do, but I will always love you. I could NEVER turn my back on any of them.

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